Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro comprehensive review: camera samples, design and hardware performance

ByGoraud Mazanec 2019-11-05 2514

The Xiaomi Mi CC series phones mainly focus on excellent camera performance. This time, the newly released Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (aka Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro) takes the camera performance to the new level. It is the first Penta rear camera phone from Xiaomi company and it adopts the whopping 108MP primary lens that has been first used on the high-end Mi Mix Alpha. What other specs does the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro offer us and how about its performance? Let’s show you a detailed review about it.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro hands-on picture

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro: main specs


6.47-inch AMOLED screen

Screen resolution

2340 x 1080 pixels


Snapdragon 730G


6GB; 8GB


128GB; 256GB

Rear camera

● 108MP primary lens: 1/1.33” large photosensitive element, 1.6um 4-in-i large pixels, 7P lens (8P lens only on 8GB + 256GB version), f/1.69 aperture, 4-axis optical anti-shaking;

● 20MP ultra wide-angle lens: 117 degree filed of view, 1.5cm super macro;

● 12MP portrait lens: 2x optical zoom, 1.4um large pixels, dual PDAF

● Super telephoto lens: 10x hybrid optical zoom, 4-axis optical anti-shaking;

● Macro lens: 2-10cm, AF macro photography

● dual soft light; dual LED flash light   

Front camera

32MP: 1.6um 4-in-1 large pixels, f/2.0 large aperture


5260mAh battery


Support 30W fast charging

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.0



3.5mm headphone jack


Infrared remote control


Operating system



157.8mm x 74.2mm x 9.67mm



Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro: camera

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is equipped with as many as five cameras, followed by a macro lens, an ultra-wide angle lens, a main camera, a portrait lens and an ultra-long focal lens, which are combined from bottom to top. The full coverage of the 13mm~125mm focal segment is equivalent to a zoom lens on the phone.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro rear cameras

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108MP primary lens

First, take a look at the 108 megapixel main camera. It uses a ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor developed jointly by Xiaomi and Samsung, which is the industry's first mobile image sensor with more than 100 megapixels, as well as a 11.33 inch super photosensitive area and an f 1.69 aperture.

It is worth noting that unlike the previous 4800 megapixel GM1, the ISOCELL Bright HMX supports 100 megapixel hardware instead of algorithmic composition, and the single pixel size is still 0.8 μ m. At the same time, it still supports four-in-one output of a more photosensitive image.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro camera samples

The same thing is, by default, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro output photos of 2700 megapixels, image size of 6016 x 4512, you can also manually turn on 108m mode in the camera interface to get a 108m pixel image, the size is 12032 x 9024, the size is more than 10MB. Oh, by the way, it also supports shooting in RAW format. From the actual sample information, a single image will exceed 50MB.

In the previous evaluation articles on 4800 megapixels and 6400 megapixels, we have also mentioned many times that in high pixel mode, because the area of a single pixel is relatively smaller, it can contain less information. It is more suitable for bright scenes, and once the light conditions are dark, the imaging effect may not be ideal.

Of course, high pixels will add some gimmicks to the phone itself, but beyond that, the improvement to the actual photo experience is real. After shooting in the distance, using the way to enlarge the picture, you can not only get relatively clear details of the picture, but also very convenient secondary composition.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro camera details

Explain in a set of sample sheets. Above is a sample taken in 108m mode, and if you don't look carefully, you can hardly notice the light bulb on the second chimney escalator on the left, but in ultra-clear preview mode, this detail becomes very obvious, in a way, In many cases, it can completely replace the telephoto lens.

We noticed an interesting detail in the shooting process. This time, Xiaomi added a panoramic preview function to the CC9 Pro camera app, turning on the pictures taken in 108m mode. Double-clicking triggers 100 million ultra-clear preview mode, and a box appears in the lower-right corner of the camera interface that makes it easier to view the details of the picture you want to see by dragging the blue box inside. This is still very humane.

After introducing the main imaging part, there are two more places to explain. One is that when shooting in 108m mode, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro carries Qualcomm 7 series flagship Snapdragon 730G, so it is processed slightly more slowly. It takes about 2 seconds to wait after pressing the shutter, but you don't have to stay in the same position all the time.

In addition, this time it is divided into two versions, the standard version and the premium version, the former is a 7p lens, while the latter uses an 8p lens that is currently rare on mobile phones.

Macro lens, 20MP ultra-wide angle lens, 12MP portrait lens and telephoto lens

In addition to the main camera, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro macro lens recently focused distance 2cm (although the official does not clearly specify, but the actual pixel is 2 million), combined with ultra-wide-angle lens can achieve 1.5cm focusing distance;

The ultra-wide angle lens is 2000 megapixels and the viewing angle is 117 °; the portrait lens is 1200 megapixels, single pixel size 1.4 μ m, 50mm focal segment; the ultra-long focal lens supports 10x hybrid optical zoom and up to 50x digital zoom (5 million pixels). Among them, the shooting may involve the main camera of the jitter problem and the ultra-long focal lens, both of which support OIS optical anti-shake.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro camera samples

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 5X zoom pictures

5X zoom

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 50X zoom pictures

50X zoom

In addition, in order to be able to still have a good imaging effect in the dim light environment, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro rear camera adds two soft lights on the basis of the conventional double flash, which also brings a new super night scene mode.

The following is a sample photo, without any post-processing, let's enjoy it together.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro camera samples

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro camera samples

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro night shooting camera samples

On the whole, judging from its actual sample performance, the combination of the five cameras not only provides a good imaging effect, but also brings more playability. It is the best comprehensive photo ability of all the new mobile phone products that have been on the market recently.

32MP front camera for selfie

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is still equipped with a 3200 megapixel front camera, F2.0 aperture, and supports 4-in-1 output of 1.6 micron photos in dark light (officials did not give a specific sensor model, which should be the Samsung GD1 of the same CC9). Functional applications, such as AI beauty selfie, magic change and face unlocking, are also supported.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 32MP front camera

6.47 inch water drop curved screen and ultra thin fingerprint sensor

100 megapixel lenses can bring better imaging results, but the problems that follow are also obvious. Due to the very large lens module, the internal space of Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro fuselage is further compressed, so it is very difficult to control the thickness in an ideal state.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro curved screen design

According to official figures, it has a fuselage thickness of 9.67mm, and although a water drop screen is chosen for the full screen, it is still thicker than most mobile phone products with lift structures. To keep it from looking too thick, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro fuselage uses a hyperbolic screen on the front and a four-curved glass cover.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro glass cover design

In addition to the thickness, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro weight has also reached 208g, although this year's new mobile phone weight is not the heaviest, but not light.

However, due to the Radian treatment of the back is more reasonable, and the palm of the fit is very high, relatively comfortable to hold.

At the same time, given that a large battery with a capacity of up to 5260mAh is stuffed into its fuselage, it is acceptable (after all, it smells good for a long time).

Specification parameters, its screen size is 6.47 inches, COP package, the ratio is 19.5: 9, FHD + resolution, support DCI-P3 color gamut display, contrast is 400000: 1. The eye health section, which also supports the dark model, has been certified by Rheinland TUV low Blu-ray.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro display

It is worth mentioning that in the control of the border width, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has done very well, not only the top, left and right borders, but also the bottom frame width is very narrow, only 3.43mm, in Xiaomi many mobile phone products, second only to the MIX Alpha, which is much narrower than the previous millet CC9's chin.

Screen fingerprints are still preserved, but this time Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro uses a brand new "ultra-thin screen optical fingerprint module", which is different from the current common optical screen fingerprint scheme, which is stacked directly between the battery and the screen. Relatively speaking, the position is a little higher, unlocking just below the thumb, it is more convenient to operate.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro ultra-thin screen optical fingerprint module

At the same time, its optical fingerprint module adopts the mode of microlens + microcollimator. Simply speaking, it makes many collimator holes above the fingerprint photosensitive components, and each collimator hole is provided with a microlens. The advantage is that it can effectively avoid the influence of other light, stronger anti-interference ability, the actual recognition accuracy and unlocking speed is not bad.

Snapdragon 730G, 5260mAh battery and 30W fast charging

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro offers a total of three different fuselage color options, in addition to the magical Green Land (green) version we have in our hand, as well as the Ice and Snow Aurora (White) and the Dark Phantom (Black) versions. As for which is better looking, is a more subjective question, individuals still prefer this year's popular green.

In the back cover processing, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro uses an official process called "multi-dimensional frequency conversion texture", whose texture changes in four dimensions: direction, angle, height and width. When the light is bright, the front looks like a lot of textures interlaced and superimposed, and the overall visual effect is pretty cool.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Type-C charging port and 3.5m headphone jack

In the core hardware configuration section, as mentioned earlier, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is equipped with the Snapdragon 730G platform and has three storage combinations: 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB. About the Snapdragon 730G chip, we are also more familiar, here will not repeat.

As for the battery capacity, which is of concern, it has a battery capacity of 5260 mAh, and there is no problem coping with the normal use of the day. In addition, Xiaomi equipped with 30W fast charge (compatible with PD protocol), charging speed, from 0 to 100% only takes about 65 minutes, you do not have to worry about too long charging time.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro supports 30W fast charging

NFC, infrared, 3.5mm headphone jack and 1216 superlinear unit speaker

In addition to the above we mentioned above, the multi-functional NFC, 3.5mm headphone interface, Xiaomi ancestral infrared remote control also appeared in Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro.

At the same time, it also uses the previous Xiaomi 9 Pro 5G with the same 1216 superlinear unit speaker, the external loudness has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation of products.


To sum up, the biggest advantage of Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro is that it has excellent photo ability, in addition, including large battery, 30W fast charge, new screen fingerprint scheme and many other features are also its add-on items. In this product, we not only see many eye-catching specs, but also see more attempts in the photo section.

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 8+256GB premium edition is priced at 3499 yuan (about $499). The Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro 6+128Gb edition is priced at 2799 yuan (about $399). The 8+128GB edition is priced at 3099 yuan (about $442). It has been available for pre-order in China. The official sale will start from November 11.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro will be launched as Xiaomi Mi Note 10 in the global market. So global customers will also have the opportunity to buy the phone soon.

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