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Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro 2(Xiaomi QTEJ03JY) review

ByFields Corrielus 2019-07-22 5381

I bought this Xiaomi ring iron earphone 2. It should be the second generation model of the same grade as the original one. It used to be the earphone of the original generation. The sound quality really surprised me, plus it is cheap. The price is simply a must-buy in the same price headset. Also because of the good impression on the Xiaomi headphones, so this time I saw the ring iron headphones 2 on the gearbest, I can't wait to place an order. I am very curious about the upgrade of this headset series. I don't know what surprise Xiaomi will bring to me.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY


The first is the relevant parameters of this Xiaomi ring iron headset 2: it has a weight of 14g, an impedance of 32 ohms, and a sensitivity of 100dB. I heard many friends say that this model may also be 1MORE foundry.

The whole packaging of the Xiaomi circle iron earphones 2 is very delicate, the plastic texture is hard, the transparency is high, the graphic arrangement and the interior decoration are exquisite. Although the price is cheap, it is really a simple but not simple different style.

After I remove the plastic, everyone can see the earmuffs and lines from here.

Black and sparkling cavity back cover is very good, it is printed with HD AUDIO on the front side. This detail is the same as the Xiaomi ring iron headphone PRO. By the way, the Pro version of the Xiaomi headphones sounds good.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

In addition to the skin close to the skin is very similar to plastic material, the rest are made of metal, with a very delicate matte feel, workmanship is perfect.

The thickness of the catheter of the Xiaomi ring iron earphone 2 is OK. After I wear it, there is no pressure on the ear canal. The earmuffs stay on the ear and there is no sign of looseness. It is very stable.

The "handle" position of the Xiaomi QTEJ03JY is good, exquisite and generous, and looks very solid.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

This is the left and right logo of the Xiaomi Circle Iron Headphones 2.

This headset does not have a cable ties, there is a splitter, the splitter is half-planar and half curved, and the MI Logo is embossed on the flat surface. It is exquisite and beautiful.

Xiaomi QTEJ03JY

This is a thin cylinder with a length of about 4cm. The surface has a very fine matte finish and feels good. I like this design very much. The design and workmanship of the button of the Xiaomi ring iron earphone 2 is no problem, and it is equally beautiful.


Wearing: very good. In fact, the shape of this headset is very classic and can be adapted to almost everyone's ears. The comfort of the Xiaomi Circle Iron Headphones 2 is also better than that of many earphones that are more expensive and more expensive. It is very easy to plug and play, and it is a simple and easy thing to listen to music anytime, anywhere.

Stethoscope effect: less obvious. When I wear it on foot, the abnormal noise generated by rubbing the clothes may have an advantage on the headphones, but in the daily game play, the occasional noise will not affect the judgment and experience of the game. The Xiaomi ring iron earphone 2 is very it is good.

Sound insulation: The Xiaomi ring iron earphone 2 is average in a similarly shaped in-ear earphone, and even better. By the way, regarding sound insulation, except for the sound insulation of flat plugs, which are usually not very good, in-ear headphones are mostly better than flat-head headphones. They often come with "passive noise reduction" function, even Sony. The EX1000 also has a good passive noise reduction effect (I used to wear it to squeeze the subway).

Easy to push: sensitivity is 100dB, the actual listening sound pressure is quite good, it belongs to the regular middle and upper level, for example, with iphone XR, the volume is about 70% loud, 50% is the lowest loudness that can play a certain sound quality level. . Compared with the Xiaomi ring iron headphone PRO, the Xiaomi ring iron headphone 2 is better in the strength and loudness performance, and this point may also make many people think that the relatively cheap Xiaomi ring iron earphone 2 is actually more expensive than the PRO version. Nice.

Tone: The strength is more than enough, the sound is fine, very nice.
Sound quality: Xiaomi circle iron headphones 2 and PRO version contrast, 2 low frequency is obviously sufficient, whether it is dive or dynamic is very good, the analysis is also a very good level.

In general, the performance of this headset has far surpassed that of the same price of the same type of headphones, whether it is the entry version of the headset, or the usual entertainment use, Xiaomi circle iron headphones 2 will bring us great music Experience, so I think it is a high quality headset with very high cost performance.

The above is the out-of-the-box evaluation of the Xiaomi QTEJ03JY. If my sharing help has arrived, please please praise me a lot.

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