Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 may be the folding phone with 60 MP camera

ByLinky Johnson 2019-05-06 1390

After many years we finally saw the arrival of the folding smartphones. Samsung started the game officiating its Galaxy Fold, and Huawei came right behind with Mate X, with the different mechanism. While the first has a screen that folds inwards, the second one out, taking away the need for the existence of a second display on the "outside".



Xiaomi also seems interested in investing in this new category, since we have already seen some videos showing a device of the brand being handled.


It was believed that the device would be called the Xiaomi Mi Fold, but new information points out that it should simply be the new generation of a line we already know.


According to a leak that came from the Alipay smartphone rental page in China, the new foldable could be the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. This is because on the page we see four handsets, being the Oppo Reno, the Huawei P30, the Mate X and the My Mix 4.


There is no other leaked information or official tips on how the device should look, but on the page, we have a double folding screen.


Also, the possibility of the smartphone having a rear photographic sensor of no more, no less than 60 megapixels, as the expected launch for the second half of 2019 is still mentioned.


The Mix series has always been where the company experimented with some novelties, where it tried to innovate. With this, it makes sense to think that the folding of the brand is even the Mi Mix 4. Still, it is also important to think that this is a very vague rumor, and may not be confirmed. So we will have to wait for the second half of the year to find out more.


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