Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will come with 7700MP camera, 5000mAh battery and 100% full display

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With the development of the Times, mobile phone replacement speed is also getting faster, take Xiaomi mobile phone, Xiaomi released Xiaomi 8 last year, and March this year released Xiaomi 9, enough to see how fast the phone update speed, but Xiaomi 9 release for Xiaomi to let Xiaomi take a big step forward, Because Xiaomi 9 after the listing has been loved by many consumers, and Xiaomi's popularity has soared again, and recently some media exposed a Xiaomi concept new machine, it is reported that the machine was named MIX 4, and when it comes to Xiaomi MIX series of mobile phones we will definitely think of ceramic fuselage, Next, follow the author to take a look at this millet concept of the new machine bar.

Xiaomi MIX4 strong attack, according to the exposure of the rendering diagram, this MIX 4 new machine in the appearance of the design is the use of 100% comprehensive screen design, the resulting visual senses are not the same, slightly tilted angle can let us feel the unique charm of the machine, retaining a very narrow upper and lower border, The screen share can be greatly improved, the screen size of the 6.5-inch HD display, the screen using Samsung's Super AMOLED screen, the screen is excellent quality, so we do not need to worry about the machine's screen is not anti-fall, resolution of 2340x3840 pixels, With a screen share of up to 95.6%, the color value of the screen is 103.8%NTSC.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 design

According to the design of the exposure, the concept of the new machine in the front is the use of pre-order, while the front of the mobile phone in today's market is very many, and this new machine in the front design is very in line with the design standards of today's market, the camera is a pop-up design, Most of the phones in the market today do not use pop-up design, and the machine's mobile phone way can undoubtedly attract the attention of consumers, pop-up design although novel but does not belong to the all-in-one design, but the effect of dustproof is not significant, the front camera of the machine is 32 million pixels, aperture for F\/2.0 intelligent aperture , Can support AI beauty technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4  front camera

From the rendering diagram we can see that this millet new machine in the rear is the use of a back three-camera way, after the third camera in today's market is very popular with consumers, and the machine used such a design method in the market is certainly very popular, cameras and flash vertically on the back of the fuselage, arranged in vertical columns, The camera is not on the back of the fuselage on a horizontal line, the camera is designed to be slightly raised, the resulting visual senses are also more intense, the machine's rear camera for 4100 , 2400, 1200 pixels, the sum reached 77 million pixels, the aperture is F\/1.6, F\/2.2, F\/ 2.4 Intelligent aperture, support panoramic mode and a variety of studio technology.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4  rear camera

Xiaomi MIX3 in the machine used in the material is ceramic fuselage, and according to the data, this concept of the new machine in the fuselage material is also the use of ceramic fuselage, in today's market, the use of ceramics as a mobile phone material of mobile phones is very few, so it can be seen that the precious parts of the ceramic fuselage, of course, Ceramic fuselage in the degree of scratch resistance is very good, can be excellent protection of mobile phones, the machine in the ceramic fuselage on the basis of the addition of the gradient fuselage, so that the machine has become different, appear noble and unique, the elimination of 3.5 mm headphone hole, loudspeaker is the use of screen sound technology, in the dust to reach the level of IP68.

According to the information, this concept new machine is equipped with a 5000mAh non-removable battery inside the fuselage, and is expected to carry 100W flash charge, allowing us to achieve extremely comfortable experience results, On the charge with wireless charging and 27.5W fast charging technology, in addition, the machine in the unlock equipped with the most consumer favorite screen fingerprint technology, in the unlock is very easy to use, while the machine is also equipped with Xiaomi unique 3D structure light technology, the recognition of face security is very high, can support face, fingerprint payment.

Xiaomi's biggest advantage is cost-effective, but Xiaomi is not without shortcomings, Xiaomi is the only lack of mobile phone processor, if Xiaomi has its own processor, that Xiaomi mobile phone development speed is at least faster than today, its visibility will be higher than today, according to the data, This Xiaomi concept new machine on the processor is equipped with Qualcomm Dragon 855 processor, the processor as Qualcomm's strongest processor is certainly not to be questioned in performance, on the system equipped with Android 9.0 based on the MIUI9.0 system, running memory for 8GB, 10GB, Storage memory is 128GB, 256GB. And the machine also has a 5G version, equipped with the Qualcomm Dragon X50 baseband.

The above is the author of this millet concept of the new machine all introduced, in the author's view that the design of the machine is impeccable, in the shooting, unlocking and other capabilities are also very strong, especially in terms of performance is impeccable, feel this is Xiaomi.


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