Xiaomi Mi Mix torture test! Let’s kill this ceramic phone!

ByGB Blog Official 2017-02-04 5435

Devil trial! Let's scratch Xiaomi Mi5/Mix ceramic body by pen, key, scissor, knife, electric drill, and burn it with fire! What's the result? Let's see!

Everybody says the Xiaomi Mi Mix is an extraordinary flagship – not just for its stunning features, but also due to its super high tech full ceramic body. And those are some fighting words! As facts speak loudest, let's get ready to rumble!

It's time to perform a torture test on Xiaomi's game-changing concept phone, and see just how tough the advanced ceramic body is!

Here we use its Xiaomi Mi5 sibling as the test subject because the Mi Mix is so hard to get right now!! However the ceramic material is the same on both phones, so the test is valid.

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In this GearBest video, we will use a combination of common everyday objects – pen, key, scissors, knife, and electric drill – in an attempt to scratch and damage the Mi5's ceramic back. Oh wait, that's too boring? Okay, we understand, sports fans. Let's turn up the heat and burn the phone with fire. What happened? Is it really as powerful as Xiaomi claims? It's time to find out!

Xiaomi cremical body test

After this test, Xiaomi can definitively state that its advanced ceramic body is really, really tough – Godzilla tough. We were definitely impressed and are more than happy to recommend both the Xiaomi Mi Mix as well as its Xiaomi Mi5 sibling!

Note: No phones were harmed in making the video.



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