Xiaomi Mi Watch hands-on review

ByCaryl Damokosh 2019-12-26 3659

For the big category of smart wearable, the smartwatch has always been expected by users, but smartwatch has always been limited by a variety of conditions, for a long time, most of the smartwatches we see can not really be called an independent smart device in the eyes of the author. Why would you say that? Mainly because, so far, most of the functions of smartwatches are attached to smartphones. If you have a single smartwatch, you can't achieve more smart experience at all. There are even some smartwatches that cannot be used without a smartphone and become a large human sensor that can only show time, which is obviously not the right direction for smartwatches.

Xiaomi watches

In recent years, with the introduction of technologies such as eSIM cards, finally, a small number of smartwatches have gradually become independent smart devices. However, on the whole, the form of smartwatch is still in an exploratory stage, and there are still many questions that have not been answered. At the just-concluded press conference, Xiaomi finally released its first Xiaomi smartwatch, which even the author said was puzzling. I always feel that this is a product that is long overdue. Why on earth? Perhaps, in the following practical experience, we can slowly find the answer to the question.

First feeling: mediocre simplicity

May be that most people's expectations are too high, or that they are used to seeing too many gorgeous appearances. The first feeling of using Xiaomi watch for the first time was an ordinary sense of simplicity. This kind of simple feeling from the outside to the inside, from the packing box to the product itself, all reveals the simple flavor.

Xiaomi watches do not have too many luxurious embellishments in appearance. The standard version in the author's hand is to use a simple four-curved glass screen + aluminum alloy frosted frame to create a square fuselage. 

The glass cover of the dial is Corning Gorilla Glass, a glass cover used for smartwatch screens. I have personally experienced its hardness before, and it is difficult to press hard on the surface with a pencil. It can be said to be hard and wear-resistant enough. 

In the design of the dial, the Xiaomi watch adopts the design of a floating screen, which has the advantage of making the picture displayed by the smartwatch more three-dimensional and transparent, and to a certain extent improve the user's touch and visual perception. The

Rear cover is in direct contact with the skin, and the Xiaomi watch uses a ceramic material, which fits better with the wrist skin, as well as good sweat resistance and corrosion resistance, and has a better wearing experience than the alloy rear cover.

After talking about the dial, let's talk about the strap. Xiaomi watch strap uses a more skin-friendly fluorine rubber anti-sensitive strap, to a certain extent, even allergic users can rest assured to use, ordinary users can rest easy when using. 

The Xiaomi watch is weighed by the 68g

The standard version of the Xiaomi watch weighs 68g, which the author thinks is relatively moderate. It makes the watch neither too heavy nor too light when it is on the wrist. This is just the right sense of wearing, people feel that there is a certain texture at the same time will not feel that the wrist will carry a heavy load.

Detailed exploration: the small body contains the universe

Due to the limitations of the conditions, the author has no way to choose to take apart the Xiaomi watch to see the internal structure and materials. But according to official data, Xiaomi watches add a lot of energy to the smaller body. Why would you say that? Let's look down.

According to the data, Xiaomi Watch successfully placed 6 sensors, 11 chips, 37 heart rate electronic components, 578 electronic components, independent linear motor, independent speaker, independent Wifi/ Bluetooth, independent GPS, independent high performance CPU, large capacity battery, independent NFC and eSIM virtual card within the volume of 12 cubic centimeters inside the fuselage.

Seeing this series of independent components, you must know that becoming a smartwatch that can be used independently is the main purpose of Xiaomi Watch. Of course, so many independent units are inseparable from a core brain with sufficient computing power-Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 4G version.

It is understood that Xiaomi Watch is the world's first Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear3100 4G version of the product, the product is Qualcomm flagship wearable processor, can provide Xiaomi watch with more durable battery life and richer interaction and personality experience.

According to previous data, Snapdragon Wear 3100 4G is based on a new ultra-low power hierarchical system architecture design, integrated quad-core A7 processor, efficient integrated DSP and new ultra-low power coprocessor.

All in all, thanks to this platform, Xiaomi Watch supports independent Wifi connections as well as independent Bluetooth connections, as well as mainstream Bluetooth headsets, TWS Bluetooth headsets and Airpods connections. It also provides a linear motor to provide a rich sense of shock for reminders, and a built-in independent speaker for clearer and brighter voice and ringtone reminders.

In addition, in terms of configuration, Xiaomi Watch is supplemented by a 1GB+8GB storage portfolio, and built-in multi-function NFC, users can use it to brush public transportation, access control and even pay.


Xiaomi Mi Watch setup

In fact, in the adaptation process, there is not too much to talk about. The author summed up the experience is, according to the watch, mobile phone app end of every step tips, step-by-step implementation is good.

However, at present, in addition to Xiaomi wearing APP, Xiaomi Watch also needs to install Wear OS App on its mobile phone to complete the next steps, so at this stage, the author is basically adapting to Android phones.

The overall adaptation process is relatively simple, each step will have more detailed information to the user, users can follow the prompts to operate, basically no learning cost.

Talking and surfing the Internet independently through an eSIM card

For a smartwatch, the first step in becoming an independent smart terminal is to talk and surf the Internet independently while getting rid of the smartphone. In this respect, it is clear that Xiaomi Watch has done it.

On the Xiaomi watch, you can dial directly. The Xiaomi watch has a built-in eSIM number virtual chip, and supports eSIM 1 dual terminals and eSIM independent numbers at the same time. On the app side of the mobile phone, more detailed tutorials are also provided on how to open an eSIM card, but the specific opening method still depends on the policy of the local operator where the user is located.

After binding the eSIM number, Xiaomi can receive messages, answer phone calls, surf the Internet and other functions without the smartphone at hand, bringing a better user experience.

Such a function is especially useful in sports scenes. After all, carrying a mobile phone during exercise is really troublesome and cumbersome.

The ability to download APP independently

Is as important as independent phone calls and Internet access, and naturally requires an independent and complete software ecology. Xiaomi watches are the first products equipped with MIUI For Watch, and it is also the first step in Xiaomi's determination to build an open watch ecosystem.

It is understood that, MIUI For Watch is a deeply optimized square Android smartwatch while bringing a new innovation with a convenient interactive experience on the wrist.

Xiaomi watches have a wealth of applications

In Xiaomi's view, the square interface has a higher space utilization and more efficient display areas than the circular dial.

At the same time, the square dial interface is also more in line with the user's daily reading habits from left to right, without the need for eyes to constantly zoom to adapt to font changes. In addition, the square operation interface is more accurate in interactive operation, and the direction of finger sliding is more clear.

The author learned that based on the MIUI for Watch system, Xiaomi Watch has an open dial market and app store. For example, Xiaomi Watch currently supports 150 + quality dials as well as photo album dials, can customize its own dial, and deeply adapts to the 40 + commonly used APP, including phone calls, text messages, messages, etc., and can be downloaded and used directly in the app store.

In the actual experience, you can see that basically in daily life scenarios, the APP that users need to use is built-in, such as WeChat, map, taxi, music, payment and so on.

Of course, if you think this is not enough, you can also download it through the built-in Mi Store. At the same time, the store can also support the update and upgrade of the watch side APP.

In addition, the, MIUI for Watch developer Zone has also been announced, which is officially open to third-party developers, and the number of third-party applications that can be supported will continue to increase.

Firstbeat top algorithm + six sensors bring motion function

Motion and health monitoring, has always been one of the killer applications of smartwatch. Although I am not a sports lover, I sometimes exercise slightly under the hint of a smartwatch. And it is this kind of slight exercise that needs to be counted out, and then be complacent with your achievements.

As mentioned earlier, the Xiaomi watch is equipped with 6-axis high-precision sensors, which can more accurately identify more complex motion postures. In the actual measurement, we can see that Xiaomi watch supports ten professional sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor swimming, open water swimming, mountaineering, cross-country and free activities.

In addition, in addition to traditional sports statistics and monitoring. This time Xiaomi Watch also cooperates with FirstBeat, using European competition-level sports measurement technology, according to the user's personalized physical information, as well as personalized data during exercise, such as VO2max maximum oxygen uptake, calorie consumption analysis, exercise recovery time evaluation calculation, aerobics training effect, etc., through the analysis of professional algorithms, and finally give more scientific sports suggestions.

You may ask, what on earth is FirstBeat? It is jointly certified by 1000 + top sports event management agencies and serves the national football teams of Spain and Portugal, as well as top Premier League clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester United and Tottenham, so there is no doubt about its authority.

Of course, in addition to Xiaomi Watch is your professional consultant in sports, it is also a competent health housekeeper in life. Xiaomi watch can also carry out stress detection, sleep detection, heart rate detection and body energy detection, etc., omni-directional detection allows you to better understand your body state, real-time analysis and presentation. And can accurately evaluate a variety of physical conditions, provide professional energy recovery advice, and so on.

Ecological Intelligence advantage: Xiao Ai

Xiao Ai on the wrist, as Xiaomi's star product in the AI field, has finally created a ubiquitous AI voice assistant through terminal product ecology, which is the original intention of Xiao Ai's birth.

Therefore, Xiaomi watch, as a carrier on the wrist, is a good interpretation of the experience of a complete wrist Xiao Ai that is not attached to the mobile phone.

With Xiaomi watch, you can perfectly copy the interactive experience with Xiao Ai on the side of other terminals, and you can ask Xiao Ai to help you complete various tasks, such as switching on and off air conditioners, switching on and off other appliances at home, and so on.

Bottom line

Just like the question thrown at the beginning, on the Xiaomi watch, the author has well found what a smartwatch that can be called a stand-alone device should look like.

However, even in the author's straight aesthetic system, the appearance design of Xiaomi watch is still too simple. With Xiaomi's design ability, it should have been more gorgeous.

In terms of user experience, Xiaomi watches in the square screen dial ecology, most of the APP adaptation is still relatively perfect, while the establishment of a third-party APP development ecology is also more anticipated.

After the use of this period of time, the author believes that the overall direction of Xiaomi watch is noteworthy. In the actual measurement, the overall use experience is also satisfactory. 

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