Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch Hands On Review: First Look about Mi Watch

ByJoe Horner 2019-11-05 6477

On November 5th Xiaomi finally unveiled its first Google Wear OS smartwatch, the: Xiaomi Mi Watch. This is a truly independent smart device that supports 4G eSIM calls without smartphones, downloads third-party APP, and is a full-featured XiaoAI smart speaker, that supports smart home control. Here will share a latest Xiaomi Mi Watch hands on experience, to see if it's worth buying.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

Xiaomi Mi Watch Outlook Design

Xiaomi Mi Watch does not have too many luxurious embellishments in appearance. We got the standard version, is with a simple four-curved glass screen + aluminum alloy frosted frame to create a square fuselage.


The glass cover outside the dial is Corning gorilla glass, this glass cover for smartwatch screens, we have also experienced its hardness, hard enough to press on the surface with a pencil, it can be said to be hard and wear-resistant.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

In the design of the watch dial, Xiaomi Mi Watch uses the design of suspension screen, the advantage is to make the smartwatch display more three-dimensional, transparent, and to some extent improve the user touch and visual perception.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

The part of back cover is made of ceramic material, which will have better fit with the wrist skin, and also has good anti-sweating and corrosion resistance. compared with the alloy back cover, the wearing experience is better.


Xiaomi Mi Watch watch strap uses a more skin-friendly fluorine rubber anti-sensitive strap, to a certain extent, even allergic users can rest assured that ordinary users can rest easy when they use it.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

In addition, this Xiaomi Mi Watch standard version weighs 68g, which is moderate. It makes the watch neither too heavy nor too light when it is on the wrist.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Core Specs

Xiaomi Mi Watch successfully placed 6 sensors, 11 chips, 37 heart rate electronic components and 578 electronic components within a volume of 12 cubic centimeters inside the fuselage. There are also independent linear motors, independent speakers, independent WiFi / Bluetooth, independent GPS, independent high performance CPU, large capacity batteries, independent NFC, and eSIM virtual cards.


Looking at this series of independent components, you will probably know that being a stand-alone smartwatch is the main purpose of Xiaomi Mi Watch. So many independent units, of course, can not be separated from a core brain with enough arithmetic power-Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 4G version.


It is understood that, Xiaomi Mi Watch is the world's first Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear3100 4G version of the product, this product is Qualcomm ship-class wearable processor, can provide Xiaomi Mi Watch with more durable endurance, as well as a richer interactive mode and personality experience.


According to previous data, Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 4G is based on a new ultra-low power hierarchical system architecture design, integrated quad-core A7 processor, highly efficient integrated DSP and a new ultra-low power coprocessor.


All in all, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform, Xiaomi Mi Watch, which supports independent WiFi connections and independent Bluetooth connections, it can support mainstream Bluetooth headsets, TWS Bluetooth headsets, and AirPods connections on the market. A linear motor is also provided to provide a rich sense of shock for reminders, as well as built-in independent speakers to make voice and ringtone reminders clearer and brighter.


In addition, in the configuration, Xiaomi Mi Watch is supplemented by the storage combination of 1GB+8GB, and the built-in multi-function NFC, users can use it to take public transportation, brush access control and even scan codes for payment.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

Xiaomi Mi Watch eSIM Function

For smartwatches, the first step to becoming a stand-alone smart terminal device is to make independent calls and surf the Internet without smartphones.


In this regard, it is clear that Xiaomi Mi Watch has done so. Xiaomi Mi Watch built-in eSIM number virtual chip, at the same time support eSIM one dual terminal and eSIM independent number. In the app side of the mobile phone, it also provides a more detailed tutorial on how to activate the eSIM card, but the specific activation method should also be combined with the policy of the local operator where the user is located.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

After binding the eSIM number, the Xiaomi Mi Watch can realize the functions of receiving information, answering phone calls, surfing the Internet and so on, which can bring a better use experience.

Xiaomi Mi Watch MIUI For Watch

As important as the ability to talk and surf the Internet, we naturally need an independent and complete software ecology. Xiaomi Mi Watch is the first MIUI For Watch product and the first step in Xiaomi's determination to build an open watch ecosystem.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

It is understood that, MIUI For Watch is an innovation that is deeply optimized for square Android smartwatches and brings a new convenient interactive experience on the wrist.


Based on the MIUI for Watch system, Xiaomi Mi Watch has an open dial market and an application store. For example, Xiaomi watches currently support 150 + quality dial, as well as photo album dial, can personalize their own dial, depth adaptation, including telephone, text messages, messages and other most commonly used 40 + commonly used APP, And can be downloaded and used directly in the App Store.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

Of course, if you think this is not enough, you can also download it through the built-in Mi Store. At the same time, the store can also support watch-side APP updates and upgrades.


In addition, the MIUI for Watch developer Zone has been announced, formal third-party developers are open, and the number of third-party applications that can be supported will continue to grow.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Sports and Health Monitoring

Sports and health monitoring has always been one of the killer applications of smartwatches. It has been mentioned earlier that the Xiaomi Mi Watch is equipped with 6-axis high-precision sensors, which can more accurately identify more complex motion posture. In the test, we can see that Xiaomi Mi Watch supports 10 professional sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor swimming, open water swimming, mountaineering, cross-country and free activities.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch 

In addition, in addition to the traditional sports statistics and monitoring. This time, Xiaomi Mi Watch is also working with FirstBeat to use European sports measurement technology, which can be based on the user's personalized body physiological information, as well as personalized data during exercise. Such as VO2max maximum oxygen uptake, calorie consumption analysis, exercise recovery time evaluation calculation, aerobic training effect, etc., through the analysis of professional algorithms, and finally give more scientific exercise suggestions.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smartwatch​ 

Of course, in addition to being your professional consultant in sports, Xiaomi Mi Watch is also a competent health housekeeper in life. Xiaomi Mi Watch can also carry out stress detection, sleep detection, heart rate detection and body energy detection, etc., a full range of tests to let you know more about your body state, real-time analysis and presentation. And can accurately evaluate a variety of physical conditions, provide professional advice on physical energy recovery, and so on.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Voice Control

Xiao Ai, as Xiaomi's star product in the field of AI, finally created a ubiquitous AI voice assistant through the terminal product ecology, which is the original intention of Xiao Ai's birth. Therefore, Xiaomi Mi Watch as a carrier on the wrist, a good interpretation of a complete wrist Xiao Ai should not attach to the mobile phone experience.


Through Xiaomi Mi Watch, you can perfectly copy the interactive experience with Xiao Ai on the side of other terminals, and Xiao Ai can help you complete a variety of tasks, such as switching air conditioners, switching on and off other appliances in the home, and so on.

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