Xiaomi Mi Watch Unboxing Review: Real Hands On Experience

ByJoe Horner 2019-11-07 3307

On November 5, in addition to the Xiaomi Mi TV 5 series and Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro, Xiaomi also brought a new Xiaomi Mi watch. Unlike traditional smartwatches in the past, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is a real smartwatch. The most striking point is that it does not use RTOS embedded closed system, but use the Android-based MIUI for Watch. Here is a detailed unboxing review for you.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

Xiaomi Mi Watch can be connected to WiFi independently, supporting download and installation of APP. It is worth mentioning that, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is the world's first intelligent wearable device with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear3100 4G version, and even equipped with 1GB+8GB large memory space, 570mAh large capacity battery. No matter how you look at this performance specification, it's a bit like an early Android smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: Square dial design

Considering that the scope of the product audience is extremely large, in the overall shape, Xiaomi watch does not pursue the excessively exaggerated sports style, or the pursuit of too introverted and low-key business style, but a combination of the two.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

Today's watches are either round or square, and a small number of triangular, Xiaomi Mi Watch are designed with a square dial. The 1.78-inch AMOLED screen is 44mm wide, with a resolution of 368x448 and a PPI of 326. The display is almost beyond the reach of the human eye.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

Xiaomi Mi Watch uses curved glass screen, screen panel for Corning gorilla 3 generations of glass, the premium version of some use sapphire glass, the wear resistance of both watches do not have to worry about.

The middle frame of Xiaomi Mi Watch is made of aluminum alloy frosted material, from this angle you can see that Xiaomi watch is not light and thin, in fact, it is true that the thickness of the watch body 12.3mm.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

It is also understandable that, according to official accounts, a single sensor has six built-in sensors, equipped with linear motors, independent speakers, high-capacity batteries, and any module above the independent NFC, occupies a large amount of internal space.

However, when wearing, there will be no visual perception of the weight, daily wear is still very light.

Xiaomi Mi Watch back cover uses ceramic material, compared with metal or plastic can better fit with the skin, will not be easily corroded by sweat and Rain Water.

When charging, the Xiaomi Mi Band needs to remove the watch body and assemble it to the charging device. Here, the Xiaomi Mi Watch uses a magnetic charging device, the watch and the charging device close as soon as they touch, the magnetic effect is very reliable, side or reverse will not fall.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

The Xiaomi Mi Watch buttons are concentrated on the right side of the fuselage, with a crown button above and a power button below.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

Interactively, these two buttons combined with the touch screen can meet all the needs of daily use: rotating the crown to scroll up and down the page or content, and short pressing the crown to enter the application list or return to the upper layer. Long press the crown to wake up Xiao Ai, long press the power button to turn on or off.

The fun thing about smartwatches compared to traditional mechanical watches is that you can replace the dial theme with your heart. Xiaomi Mi Watch has a large number of dial themes built into it for selection. You can even replace the pictures in your watch album with the background of the dial as if you were changing wallpaper on your phone.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

The Xiaomi Mi Watch strap is made of fluorine rubber, sweat-proof and waterproof, soft and comfortable to wear. Since Xiaomi watches do not have a particularly large number of styles, there is a general demand for two watches among male and female users, where there are 12 openings in the strap of Xiaomi watches, male or female. Users with thick or thin wrists can easily wear them. Strap replacement is also very simple.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: Function experience

Previously, in the smartwatch world, only Apple Watch could be called a smartwatch, and there was still a big gap between the rest. On the one hand, there is a very large catch-up space on the hardware stack, on the other hand, there is a gap in software adaptation.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

So when we get the Xiaomi Mi Watch, we are most concerned about the software ecology. Whether the high-frequency application on the phone has been ported to the watch end, and how it fits?

After a period of experience, we found that unlike the embedded closed systems of smartwatches in the past, Xiaomi Mi Watch comes with almost a mini-screen version of MIUI. On the theme desktop, that is, the timesheet interface, draw the call out message bar, draw the call toolbar, right to display a negative screen, left to see the AI button custom card, press the crown to highlight the App drawer or back to home page.

Xiaomi Mi Watch

This intuitive and concise interaction has no learning cost and does not need to read the instructions at all. Anyone who has used a Xiaomi mobile phone can basically get started in a short period of time.

It is worth mentioning that in system-level applications, when rotating the crown transformation display interface, the linear motor will cooperate to give the corresponding vibration feedback, such as the use of traditional mechanical watches, very realistic.

As the first generation of the Xiaomi Mi Watch product line, the software application ecology of Xiaomi watches has covered almost all of the mainstream App which we use at high frequencies.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: WeChat experience

There is no denying that WeChat is now almost a necessary application in China, and how its experience in the Xiaomi Watch is very important to us. First of all, what we noticed is the reading experience of WeChat. Thanks to the design of the square screen, the reading experience of WeChat is like a mini-mobile phone. The content display is very complete, and the WeChat user name and even group photos can be displayed.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

You can use Xiaomi Mi Watch WeChat to send and receive emoticons, text messages, and voice messages. It's almost like a cell phone. This could not have been such an experience on circular watches in the past. However, it needs to be noted that at present, the use of watches WeChat water group chat can only send a few fixed emojis, I believe that in the later stage, with the gradual enrichment of functions and ecology, these small functions should keep up.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

Most people may wonder how to type on such a small screen while chatting on WeChat. We found that in the process of using Xiaomi watch, we use voice to text to reply to each other's messages. The usual short sentence recognition is very accurate, and long sentences are basically available as long as Putonghua is not a problem.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: QQ music experience

Most smartwatches need to be connected to the phone to play audio, or to copy MP3 music files into the watch. It is more troublesome to use, at best is the peripherals of the mobile phone.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

Xiaomi Mi Watch supports eSIM, to play songs independently from the phone when using Wi-Fi or eSIM traffic. In other words, with Xiaomi Mi Watch, on, you can listen to music and answer phone calls with your watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch: Xiaomi Mijia experience

Mijia App at the end of the watch retains the core functions, can switch smart home directly on the Xiaomi Mi Watch, can also trigger the scene linkage, the experience is excellent.

If you think this is not enough, you can also download more third-party App, through the built-in Mi Store and even update and upgrade all watch-end App through the App Store. The MIUI for Watch developer Zone has also been announced and is officially open to third-party developers, and more third-party App will join the Xiaomi watch ecosystem in the future.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

In addition to supporting the download and installation of third-party App, the highlight of supporting eSIM, some of the main features of traditional smart bracelets and smartwatches are still supported in Xiaomi Mi Watch. Such as message alerts, motion monitoring, and so on.

Xiaomi Mi Watch built-in eSIM number virtual chip, has already supported China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom eSIM one dual terminal and eSIM independent number, it is based on this, we can let Xiaomi Mi Watch operate independently without relying on mobile phones.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is equipped with a 6-axis high-precision sensor with a third generation HRM heart rate sensor to identify heart rate changes in the motor functions featured in traditional smart bracelets and smartwatches. Support Beidou positioning, Galileo navigation, GPS three major satellite systems, support geomagnetic compass, barometer two major azimuth sensors.

Xiaomi Mi Watch 

At present, Xiaomi Mi Watch supports 10 sports modes: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor swimming, open water swimming, mountaineering, cross-country and free exercise.

It is worth mentioning that in the course of using the experience, it is found that Xiaomi Mi Watch can view motion data records without connecting to the phone, instead of opening the phone screen to view the relevant data records. The MI watch can record and view heart rate, speed and other motion curves in real time.

Xiaomi Mi Watch​ 

Xiaomi Mi Watch: Battery life

As we said earlier, in such a mini watch fuselage, linear motors, sensors and antennas are stuffed with enough performance (and power consumption will increase) to ensure a smooth experience for many App. Like ordinary smart bracelets and smartwatches, it is impossible to stay on for four or five days at this stage.

As a result, the official Xiaomi Mi Watch gives a normal duration of 36 hours. But when the actual experience strikes, there is no problem maintaining it for 2-3 days.


Xiaomi Mi Watch takes on the form that a stand-alone smartwatch should look like.

As the first generation, Xiaomi Mi Watch based on the appearance of the type of classification is not many, black, silver two common practices in each group of people although worry-saving and labor-saving.

Thanks to the software ecology gained by the square watch form, coupled with the system optimization ability of Xiaomi MIUI, most APP of Xiaomi watches can be perfectly adapted and run smoothly in the software experience.

Frankly speaking, the price of standard version 1299RMB is not expensive, other smartwatches are much more expensive, and some smart wear products that support eSIM features even have a higher price.

The advent of Xiaomi Mi Watch is a good start to reshaping Android smartwatches. Perhaps by Xiaomi Mi Watch's example, Chinese smartwatches and all Android watches can boldly catch up with the leading of Apple Watch.

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