Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier “Lentils” review: is it worth buying?

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-19 5924

Xiaomi must be a popular style! This is an enduring line. On August 12, Xiaomi officially launched a new water purifier, codenamed "lentil," priced at 999 yuan and sold for 949 yuan after receiving 50 yuan of coupons. Xiaomi has become the latest water purifier with the lowest price, such a low price. Can it become a popular style? Let's take a look at what attracts us to this product. 

The lentil package of Xiaomi water purifier contains 1 main engine, 3 filter elements, 1 manual, 3 PE pipes, 1 three-way ball valve, 6 pin pins, 1 water purification faucet and 1 waste water ratio. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

The filter elements are PP cotton activated carbon rod composite filter element (PPC), reverse osmosis membrane filter element (RO), activated carbon rod filter element (CB). The three PE pipes are intake pipe, pure water pipe and concentrated water pipe. 

Xiaomi water purifier lentils and the previous appearance is somewhat different, the whole host looks like a lentil, pure white simple design, looks very comfortable, can be described as a good-looking water purifier. The shell uses a special frosting design, feels quite textured, but also oil-resistant and corrosion-resistant. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

Its fuselage is small, the thickness is only 170mm, saving a lot of space, but also the use of kitchen design, very convenient to put, can be placed horizontally or longitudinally, adding a little artistic flavor to the kitchen. 

The product is equipped with an independent faucet, 304 lead-free stainless steel faucet, the surface is smooth and glossy, it will not affect the normal use of tap water. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

There are five LEDs in the upper-left corner of the front of the host, which are the filter life LED, the wifi connection LED, and the fault LED.The corresponding judgment can be made according to the color of the LED. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

The top left side of the mainframe is tap water, purified water, concentrated water, and power cord. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils


On the installation of Xiaomi water purifier lentils, the author does not elaborate, just need to make an appointment to install, after-sales personnel will soon door-to-door installation, the whole process is very fast, you do not understand where they will also tell you. 

Of course, the manual also has a schematic diagram of the installation, you can also easily install. Here to mention a few points, the waste water of the concentrated water pipe must remember to install, otherwise the flow of water will be too slow. There are red pins at many interfaces, which is a delicate design. 

The installation and replacement of the filter element is also very simple, you can see on the front, open the dust cover, align with the slot rotation, you can also easily operate. 

After the installation of the equipment needs to start cleaning filter elements and circuits, it is recommended that we put more water out to use. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

Xiaomi water purifier lentil using experience

Xiaomi water purifier lentil principle the author does not talk about, here mainly talk about the use of feeling. What we are most concerned about is the problem of water flow and the problem of water quality. 

Xiaomi water purifier lentils support APP control, the whole interface is very simple. You can see clearly the TDS index, as well as the details of the three filter elements, with details of the use of water at the bottom. You can see the amount of pure water produced. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

In terms of current. This water purifier has a built-in 3L water storage tank, which will automatically fill up when not in use, so that the flow of water is still very large when the faucet is turned on, enough for daily use. See the following figure for details. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

In general, it takes only 32 seconds to receive 1.5 liters of water and 4 seconds to fill a glass of water (350ml capacity). The speed of water is completely within the acceptable range

.Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

Of course, the author deliberately put all the water in the piggy bank, and then tested the flow of water. It is obvious that the water has slowed down. See the following figure for details. 

In this case, it takes about 1 minute and 36 seconds to fill a bottle of mineral water (555ml capacity) and 40 seconds to fill a glass of water (350ml capacity). 

You can rest assured about the flow of water, after all, very few people use more than 3L of water at once, even if it is within an acceptable range. Of course, the storage time of 3L water is also very short, about 15 minutes. 

In terms of water quality. Although APP brought its own TDS test, the author used Xiaomi water quality TDS test pen to test purified water and tap water. The author received three glasses of water respectively. From left to right, the first cup of pure water in the morning, straight out of pure water, tap water. 

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier Lentils

Through the test, the TDs value of the former two purified water is 7 and 8 respectively, the purity is extremely high, the TLS value of tap water reaches 189, the visible purity is general. 


Xiaomi water purifier lentil appearance design is simple and generous, small fuselage to give people the experience is still very satisfactory, especially worried about the flow of water within the scope of acceptance. The most important thing is, 999 price, really irresistible, there are still 50 discounts, I am afraid it is a new generation of price butcher in the water purifier industry!

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