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Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter Pro vs. original Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter: what are the main upgrades?

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Xiaomi’s new electric scooter — the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro — was released on February 18th and has joined the company’s rather extensive set of rideables. As the name itself suggests, the new scooter is meant as an upgrade to the previous model, the Mijia M365 Electric Scooter. Let’s see what the new model has to offer and what new features the pro version brings to the table and whether you should trade in your M365 electric scooter for the shiny new Mijia Electric Scooter Pro.

Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter Pro vs. original Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter: specs

Let's kick off the comparison from the main specs that the two electric scooters offer.


Product name
Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter Pro
original Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter
Maximum speed
25km/h ( common mode ), 18km/h ( energy-saving mode )
Cruising distance
Battery pack power
Maximum motor power
Charging time
8-9 hours
5.5 hours
Wheel size
8.5 inch inflatable tire
Waterproof grade
Max Payload


Xiaomi 12.8Ah Battery Electric Scooter Pro - Black Chinese Plug (2-pin)
$735.25 $579.99    


Original Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter - White

Original Xiaomi M365 Folding Electric Scooter - White
$548.73 $439.99    


Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter review

First, let's take a quick look back at the Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter and see what won us over in the first place.

The Mijia M365 Electric Scooter is a clean and simple rideable with all the features you might need for a quick and safe eco-friendly commute. The M365 features a 250W brushless front hub motor with the maximum torque of 16nm. You can achieve the maximum speed of up to 25km/h and the maximum range on a full charge is close to 30km.


The scooter is powered by the 280Wh Li-Ion rechargeable battery (made by LG). It will take you about 5.5 hours to charge the battery from 0 to full and you will be able to monitor its status on the LED control panel.
One of the scooter's key selling points are its compact size and foldability: you can easily commute to work with it, hop on a bus or train, store at the office, etc. In fact, even the charger for the scooter is really compact and can easily fit into a backpack or even a jacket pocket.

its compact size and foldability 

Safety-wise, the scooter is a great choice for the city. It comes with pneumatic tires, a dual braking system and LED headlight and taillight to make sure you ride to work is not only convenient but also accident-free. The M365 electric scooter can carry a maximum load of 100kg and is priced very affordably compared to its closest competitors.

a dual braking system and taillight 

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro: what are the main upgrades

Compared to the Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter, some upgrades have been done on the Mijia electric scooter Pro in the following aspects:   

Mijia M365 Electric Scooter design

● More battery power

● Lighter and more compact design

● 45km cruising range

●​ Display control panel

The Mijia Electric Scooter Pro maintains most of the advantages of the original model — plus, there are several enhancements like the improved cruising range and better battery life, among other things. But let's take a closer look.

Mijia Electric Scooter Pro  design 

Control panel

The Mijia Electric Scooter Pro comes with a nice little control panel where you will see six basic kinds of data displayed including real-time speed, battery, distance, etc. In addition to the control panel, you get a power button: you can use it to turn on the scooter by short pressing it in the power-off state and turn the scooter off by pressing and holding the button for three seconds in the power-on state. You can also choose between three modes for the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro: energy saving mode(15km/h), standard mode(20km/h) and sports mode(25km/h).

the nice little control panel  

Battery life

When it comes to battery life, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro runs on the 474Wh 18650 power lithium battery — and you will be able to check real time battery usage on the control  panel as well as via the dedicated app. The battery life allows for up to 45 kilometers of travel and the the fastest possible speed is said to be six times that of walking. The model also supports a feature known as "energy recovery system": it uses the scooter's own kinetic energy as you use it and turns it into additional battery power.

energy recovery system​ 

Just like the original, the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro folds easily and can efficiently stored and transported. However, the whole contraption of the Mijia Electric Scooter Pro weighs 14.2kg, which is a little heavier than the original Mijia M365 (12.5kg).


The Xiaomi Scooter-Professional weighs 14.2 kg, 1.5 kg more than the Xiaomi M365. This is mainly due to the fact that the battery capacity is larger. The battery is stored in my preferred steps as it offers a better driving experience with the battery in the handlebar than the Ninebot ES2. Under the tread area there is a folding holder with which the scooter can be safely parked. The footprint of the Xiaomi Scooter Pro is longer and wider than that of the M365, making the ride more comfortable.

The millet M365 folds in seconds and the mechanism is located between the handlebar and the steps. The crossbar is attached to the rear wheel cover so you can carry your scooter comfortably and feel balanced. Some people claim that the folding mechanism has improved, although it seems to be the same as the Xiaomi M365. I think only long-term testing can prove that this weakness of the Xiaomi M365 has really improved!

Tyres and brakes

The Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter Pro and Xiaomi M365 are equipped with tubular tyres instead of solid rubber tyres on the Ninebot ES2. This offers advantages and disadvantages. I prefer tubular tyres because they offer a quieter ride than the solid tyres of the Ninebot ES2, even if they have suspension. Of course they can deflate or puncture, but I think the experience is better.

Compared to the M365, the Xiaomi Mijia electric scooter Pro offers the same two independent braking systems: The regenerative anti-lock braking system eABS is integrated into the front wheels. When the throttle is released, the front wheel brakes slowly and the generated energy flows back into the battery. The rear wheel is mounted with a 120 mm disc brake, which is actuated by the brake lever on the handlebar.

Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter vs. Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro: the verdict

So, there you have it. There are quite a few upgrades we can praise the new Mijia Electric Scooter Pro scooter for. It has a stronger battery, it can travel for longer, it's even smaller and lighter than the original — and, thus, gets points for convenience as well.

With that, both scooters are perfectly suitable for daily commute. Thanks to the high safety standards and portability, the scooters are perfect for an urban environment and provide an eco-friendly alternative to conventional modes of transportation.

Should you choose the Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter or the Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro? Well, we believe that the Mijia Electric Scooter Pro's extended range and better battery life are very worthy upgrades and definitely make for a stronger rideable. However, if the extra 15 minutes would not make a big impact on your daily travel, the Original Xiaomi Mijia M365 Electric Scooter remains a very strong contender.


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