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Xiaomi Mijia ergonomics chair was released: multiple adjustments offer you great seating comfort

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-20 6130

On Feb.18, Xiaomi Mijia ergonomics chair officially went on sale with the price of $1299 CNY (about $192), and it offers black and white color options.

The Xiaomi Mijia ergonomics chair adopts an integrated, fully-fitted, upright high backrest, with adjustable parts and waist support, highly matching the radian design of the back spine. It enables your body to be closer to the table when working to effectively reduce the pressure of the body on the lumbar spine. This Mijia ergonomics chair will make your sitting posture healthier and more comfortable, so it is a very good equipment for people who work for a long time before the desk.

The Xiaomi Mijia ergonomics chair design 

The Mijia ergonomics chair is designed with the raised middle part of the back frame and passive waist support plate which supports the fine-tuning of three degrees of tightness to provide ergonomic support for the lumbar region of the spine. It can keep people in a healthy sitting position at all times, so you can say goodbye to the discomfort caused by the sedentariness. The right handle position is very convenient for you to easily adjust the height of the backrest.    

the raised middle part of the back frame and passive waist support plate design  

The Mijia ergonomics chair supports three kinds of backrest tilt angles, and its super large angle of elevation can provide you with comfortable rest posture. Besides, you can also adjust the seat depth in a wide range and make the back closer to the backrest to reduce the pressure of your hip and knee. The three-dimensional adjustment, high multi-stage locking can satisfy various positions of arm support, so that your arm and wrist can be comfortably supported.

In addition, the Mijia ergonomics chair comes with built-in SAMHONG clean air rod, safe, durable and non-greasy, which will not only ensure smooth lifting, but also can avoid dirtying your clothes when you accidentally touch the air pole.   

Unlike traditional fabrics and foamed cotton materials, the Xiaomi Mijia ergonomic chair adopts breathable mesh cloth which is not only firm and elastic, but also can make air, body heat and moisture diffuse smoothly through the chair and backrest, providing you with a dry and comfortable seating environment. 

Xiaomi Mijia ergonomic chair materials 

Finally, let’s enjoy a video display of the Xiaomi Mijia ergonomic chair.



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