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Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito repellent hands-on review: 90 days battery life? It's harder to buy than a Xiaomi smartphone

ByFields Corrielus 2019-07-16 11370

The most unpleasant thing in summer, in addition to the heat, may be the ubiquitous mosquitoes. There are many ways to deal with mosquitoes. The use of mosquito nets does not affect the human body completely, but mosquito nets can only protect us from mosquitoes when we sleep. While mosquito coil or electrical mosquito-repellent incense are readily available, both of them have a large impact on the human body, especially children. Recently, Xiaomi Technology has launched a mosquito repellent, which has non-heating, fan-type volatile design, with small impact on the human body. The mosquito incense tablets can continue to be volatile for about 90 days, making it popular. This product of Xiaomi official often go out of stock.

Now, let's take a look at the Xiaomi mosquito Repellent! Xiaomi mosquito Repellent is produced by Xiaomi ecological chain Enterprise ZMI technology. Yes,it is the company which produces Xiaomi mobile power. In addition to mosquito repellent, two AA batteries made by themselves, as well as a piece of mosquito repellent tablets, are added to the package.

Xiaomi mosquito Repellen

The mosquito repellent tablets attached to the Xiaomi mosquito repellent are produced by the Chinese subsidiary of the Japanese Ash Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., which uses an easily volatile hive design with an internal medicament of tetrafluoride, each containing 500 mg as a source of mosquito repellent. Of course, since it is a drug repellent, there will be certain toxicity. Although the Xiaomi mosquito repellent has been certified by the safety agencies, and it has no impact on adults, if there are babies at home, it isn't recommended to use it near the babies. In addition, a button battery is built into the mosquito repellent used to record the time of the use of mosquito repellent tablets.

Take another look at the appearance of the Xiaomi mosquito repellent, as many Xiaomi products, this mosquito repellent uses a pure white minimalist design, inspired by the traditional Chinese ritual-ding, can be well integrated into a variety of furniture style. The shell is made of ABS+PP environmentally friendly material, and the top anti-skid pad is made of high-quality organic silicone. Mosquito repellent is small and weighs about 133 grams, so it can be carried easily when we go out.

The upper cover of the mosquito repellent can be opened if you gently press it with the palm of the hand and rotate it counterclockwise. When opened, we can see that there is a fan inside, and the mosquito repellent tablets can be loaded on the top of the fan.

Xiaomi mosquito Repellen

Different from the traditional heated volatile mosquito repellent, Xiaomi mosquito Repellent uses the battery-driven fan-type evaporation. The evaporation of mosquito repellent tablets is available for about 720 hours, and it can be used for about 90 days if it is used for 8 hours a day.

Basically, a piece of mosquito repellent can meet the demand for mosquito repellent throughout the summer. Xiaomi mosquito repellent is suitable for room within 28 square meters. If you the close the doors and windows sometimes, the effect will be more obvious. The mosquito repellent tablets can also be purchased separately. The price of two pieces is low.

The battery compartment of the mosquito repellent is at the bottom and the way to open it is the same as that of the upper cover. The fan of the Xiaomi mosquito Repellent is powered by two AA batteries, which can be used for about 30-45 days if it is used for 8 hours per day. At the same time, it also has a timing mode. If it is open for 10 hours, it will automatically shut down to avoid wasting.

On the whole, Xiaomi mosquito repellent is still a relatively distinctive product. First of all, it has a stylish look. Then, coupled with the use of battery, it can avoid the power limit, which means that it can be placed everywhere. In addition, Xiaomi mosquito repellent incorporates a fan in a smaller volume through its own structural advantages, increasing its volatile capacity and  enhancing indoor mosquito repellent capacity. What’s more, both the battery life and the evaporation period of mosquito repellent tablets are very long, so there is no need to replace mosquito repellent tablets as often as the mosquito repellent. If you are in the environment filled with mosquitoes, it is quite a good choice to buy it.

I wonder what you think of the Xiaomi mosquito repellent.

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