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Xiaomi Mijia photo printer review: lets you bring your digital photos to paper anytime and anywhere

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Released on December 19th, the Xiaomi Mijia photo printer is one of the company’s latest non-smartphone products aimed to rival market prices in the portable photo printing category. Let’s see how it compares to the competition.
Mijia 6 inch Desktop Color Photo Printer - WHITE

Mijia 6 inch Desktop Color Photo Printer - WHITE
$246.8 $149.99    

Xiaomi Mijia photo printer: portable design

The Xiaomi Mijia photo printer follows in the footsteps of most products in the Xiaomi family and keeps to the company's signature minimalist sleek and simple design. The printer is all white, with just one on/off button on the top panel. Don't be discouraged by the lack of controls, though, as most functions are available through the dedicated Mijia app. The printer is very compact measuring just 7.64 x 4.91 x 3.29 inches and is quite lightweight at just 2 kg. The package includes the Mijia printer, power adapter and a Chinese language manual.

Xiaomi Mijia photo printer design 

Xiaomi Mijia photo printer: strong photo quality

The Mijia desktop printer is capable of producing the resolution of 300 × 300dpi and uses the  CMY 3-color dye sublimation printing technology to achieve 256 levels of color scale rendering. The printer features 655 independent vents designed with 12 different aperture sizes that are meant to ensure a better color reproduction and a stable printing process.

photo quality 

Another feature of note about Xiaomi's mini printer is the special coating process: your printed photos will be automatically covered with a transparent protective film that is not only anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and splash-proof but will also protect your pictures from turning yellow over time.

the special coating process 

Xiaomi Mijia photo printer: easy printing process

Using the Mijia mini printer is pretty straightforward and there are just a few simple steps to follow.

You will need to open the protective lid of the print head, place the photo papers onto the tray and secure them with the L-shaped photo paper adapter. Once the tray is back inside the printer, you can press the power button on top and the printing will begin. The whole process will take less than a minute — so you will be able to print loads of pictures without using up too much time.

printing process 

But how do you go about printing photos from your phone?

As we've mentioned above, the mini printer works with the Mijia app — but you can also use it with Wechat and Airprint (for iPhone users).

multi-connection to print a picture   

Whichever software you are using to print, it's not at all complicated.

Once you've selected/downloaded your preferred app and installed it on your phones, you will simply need to open up your Photo Gallery and select the photos you would like to print. Within the app, you will also be able to do some light editing: pick a frame (white border or Polaroid style), adjust the contrast, brightness and saturation, add a filter, select borders, etc.

editing function 

One of the printer's most prominent features is its ability to print document photos. You will find a variety of templates in the app (visa photos, passport photos, driver's license photos, etc.) and print the needed picture in the comfort of your home — you will be saving both time and money on visits to a photo studio. You will just need to select the needed template and print your photos on a 6 inch piece of photo paper and then crop them as needed.

Another advantage of the Mijia photo printer is that, unlike other similar photo printer models, it allows you to print pictures remotely — instead of using your phone's Wi-Fi hotspot, the printer connects to an available Wi-Fi network independently letting you print photos from anywhere.

Xiaomi Mijia photo printer: the verdict

The Mijia photo printer is by no means a ground-breaking product — portable photo printers have been around for quite some time. The trend started in Japan and most popular photo printer models are made there — and do come with a hefty price tag.

The Xiaomi Mijia photo printer aims to offer what Xiaomi does best: value for money. For $149.99, the printer offers decent quality color photos, easy and convenient printing process via the Mijia app with photo editing options as well as the ability to print document photos. 


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