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Xiaomi Mijia Projector Youth Edition review: a good thing to improve the quality of life

ByFields Corrielus 2019-07-25 12508

The projector is one of the few products that changed my entertainment habits. Because of the room size and the problem of moving, I have never bought a TV, but use projection as an alternative. Projection and television are good things to add to your life. So, I bought another projector at the gearbest - the Mijia projector youth version. Below I will share with you the experience of using my projector.


The Mijia Projector Youth Edition is a very popular small projection product, or we can call it a micro-projection. This type of projector is different from the large projections used in classrooms or conferences. They are much smaller in size, and at the same time they sacrifice a lot of performance indicators. The economy is their label, even if the price of TV is now The exploration is low enough, but there is still a place for micro-investment in the market.

Performance parameters we will talk about later, carefully look up and down the Mijia projector youth version you know, it is still Mijia's products, the simple atmosphere of the appearance, the overall use of vertical design, that is, the left and right width relative to the height It's narrower, it doesn't take up space, and it can be used with a little foothold.

In the overall design, the Mijia projector is a bit like a speaker, the power switch is at the top, and there are no extra buttons. The left and right sides and the back are occupied by a large number of openings, but the openings that are different in function are mainly used for sounding, and the openings in the back are used for heat dissipation. At the time of operation, it is obvious that hot air is scattered from the back.

Mijia projector youth version

Below the cooling air hole is the back interface, there are power, 3.5mm, USB 3.0, HDMI four side-by-side interface, to meet the basic needs, for me is a good tool to access the Switch to play games. The only difference from the TV is that the Switch has to be connected to the other side, that is, the projection side, and there are certain requirements for space allocation.

Like other projections, the Mijia projector is also equipped with a remote control, which is basically the same as the remote control of Xiaomi TV, and is similar to the remote control of similar products. In addition, as a Mi family product, it can also be controlled by a Mijia app as a remote controller.

Mijia projector youth version

Mijia projector youth version can support the physical 1080p resolution, from the parameters see 0.33DMD should be shaken out 1080p, but from the clarity of the picture is clearer than the market one-vocket 720p products, compared to other 1080p Products also have a certain price advantage.

What is more important than the resolution of the projector is the brightness. The projector with sufficient brightness can greatly enhance the viewing effect. The projector uses an LED light source with a brightness of up to 500 ANSI lumens, which is more than the common 300 ANSI lumens. Brighter.

Mijia projector youth version

After the sky is dark, the contrast of the whole picture is improved, and the viewing effect is very good. By the way, the projector also supports HDR10 technology, and HDR technology can make a good compensation effect in terms of the characteristics of the projection itself. There is also a highlight mode for the Mijia projector youth version, but it is not recommended to open, because the whole screen will become very green, I am not sure whether this highlight mode will damage the optical machine.

Mijia projector youth version


Its autofocus function is quite sensitive, and it is really easy to project this product because of the usual movement, which makes it out of focus. The auto focus function helps me solve this problem quickly and automatically.

Another intimate feature is automatic keystone correction. In actual use, because the wall can not move, in order to achieve the best results, we can only adjust the position of the projector constantly, in addition to the distance from the wall, the height and direction also need to be adjusted in the market. The trapezoidal correction function is used, and even if there is an elevation angle and a depression angle between the projector and the wall surface, the image can be automatically corrected to a rectangle to avoid image distortion.

Mijia projector youth version

The sound performance is a surprise to me by the Mijia projector youth version. I didn't expect much from the volume and sound performance in a small volume, but the actual performance was quite satisfactory. The first is that there is enough volume on the volume, and it is enough to meet the normal audio-visual needs after about 15 or so. In addition, the sound is not thin, it should be the entire box to optimize the design of the sound.

In terms of feature support, support for Dolby sound and DTS decoding is also a pleasant performance. According to the official statement, the low frequency aspect can dive to 90Hz, and support dual-channel virtual surround sound, which has certain effects on watching movies. help. In addition, you can use the projector as a Bluetooth speaker, and it is also very similar to a Bluetooth speaker.


All in all, if you are also a renter, projection is a good second choice compared to the inconvenient TV, because my work time is fixed, the projector is basically not used during the day, only at night. Watching movies, the Mijia projector youth version is enough for my daily needs. If you feel that my sharing help has arrived, please help me with it.

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