Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush unboxing & review: is it worth buying?

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Two years later, Xiaomi launched the latest Xiaomi Mijia T500 sonic electric toothbrush . Compared with the first generation, the new motor is smaller and still sells for 199 yuan. How does the new product perform in practical use? is it easy to use? The following is from my experience of the T500.

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush unboxing

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Xiaomi Mijia T500 sonic electric toothbrush exquisite packaging, open the Xiaomi Mijia T500 sonic electric toothbrush outer packaging, you can see the main body of the electric toothbrush.

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Xiaomi Mijia T500 sonic electric toothbrush in the appearance of technology, it is in line with the aesthetic standards of adults. The brush head increases the amount of brush by about 40%, so that the brush can cover the surface of the teeth closely, and brush the teeth more efficiently. The bottom of the brush head is hot-melted and has a strong sense of integration, which is evident throughout the electric toothbrush. So waterproof naturally do not have to worry, IPX7 grade waterproof enough to cope with daily use.


Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

There is only one seamless soft key at the brush handle, which is connected to the injection shell. At the bottom of the button is the display area, with two origin points, one large and one small, plus a heart-shaped icon, representing standard mode, soft mode, and personalized customization mode. Brush handle back design has a neatly arranged small bump, play the role of anti-skid.


Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush


At the bottom is a wireless charging Jack that looks very integrated.

The bump on the base of the charging base is inserted into the hole at the bottom of the handle brush to charge. The interface is triangular and does not need to be deliberately aligned. It can be inserted blindly in any position. The other end of the charger is the USB interface, which can also be recharged with portable battery.

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush: APP experience

Like all Mijia products, we are used to connecting Mijia APP before using it.


Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

First of all, look at the connected main interface, in addition to the above display of electricity information, the most prominent number in the middle is the APP score for brushing teeth, click into the historical details to view the historical data. In addition to brushing time, coverage, uniformity, there is also an overpressure count, which makes me a little confused.

After reading the instructions, this refers to the toothbrush equipped with an overpressure protection system, can feel the pressure change in real time, when brushing too hard, the electric indicator red will breathe quickly, and the toothbrush will automatically reduce the vibration intensity of the brush head.


Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

According to the results of consultation, consultation and understanding, most of the electric toothbrushes on the market only flicker cue lights, and will not automatically control the strength, so it seems that the Mi home acoustic electric toothbrush is much more humanized.

Then take a look at the personality customization page, personality customization page can be customized information includes four parts, the first is to prevent spatter for ten seconds, brushing teeth can be manually brushed for ten seconds to prevent toothpaste splash. The second is custom brushing time, up to 2.5 minutes, as have several Micah electric toothbrushes.

Then there is the brushing mode, which provides four gears for us to adjust, specifically how we can do the test later. Finally, there are additional functions that can be selected in 30 seconds of supersensitive whitening, 30 seconds of gingival care, and 10 seconds of tongue coating cleaning.

In general, the functionality provided in APP is not complex. I don't know what you think of this. Will anyone think it's too simple? Personally, brushing your teeth is as simple as possible. I've seen dozens of mode combinations in electric toothbrushes APP. Let me choose something really big.

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush: Use experience

1. Cleanliness test.

We first tested the vibration frequency of the Xiaomi Mijia T500 sonic electric toothbrush through the spray experiment.

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Adjusting between the three cleaning modes, you can see that the spray is gradually increasing with the deepening of the vibration frequency. When super mode is turned on, the fingers you hold can feel a slight numbness. Users who use electric toothbrushes for the first time are advised to start in novice mode.

In order to learn more about the cleaning ability of this electric toothbrush, I "stole" my roommate's electric toothbrush and gave you a comparative test.

Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Looking directly at the results, both are very strong, the rice on the left is a little better, but not significant, may be compared to this rotating toothbrush is 2D, the effect is not as good as 3D, so the cleaning effect is slightly weaker. In fact, this link should add a manual toothbrush, will be more intuitive, in the future we have the opportunity to do an electric toothbrush horizontal evaluation, we are interested to leave a message in the comment area.

2. Endurance test

Few people specialize in testing in the endurance section, but in my opinion, endurance is really important, and after a long period of use, it is even more important than vibration frequency and APP personality customization. Friends who have used electric toothbrushes will understand that. Let's do a test on this.

First fill up the power, and then turn on the standard mode for 2 x 8 minutes (that is, 4 days).


Xiaomi Mijia T500 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Judging from the power displayed on the app, it consumes 21% of the power in 16 minutes. There is no problem brushing it twice a day for two minutes each time and using it for more than 18 days.

Summary: buy early and enjoy early

I have used this Xiaomi Mijia T500 sonic electric toothbrush for two days so far, because the brushing effect is subjective, the short-term effect is difficult to judge, I would like to combine my own experience with a few friends who have used the rice electric toothbrush.

No matter how many friends I am or I am, everyone thinks that the electric toothbrush will have a great sense of freshness when it is just bought back. Although it will feel a little numb and even a little perturbed after using it a few times before, it will be completely adapted to it after using it a few times. Then I began to personally verify the true incense theorem.

After a month of use, you can obviously see that the cleanliness of your teeth is higher than before. In this regard, I also looked up the comments on the Internet, and many netizens said that their tobacco teeth were slowly disappearing. After getting used to it, sometimes the hotel toothbrush in the hotel always feel that the toothbrush head is too soft, brush no feeling.

Several cleaning modes to see how acceptable it is, I usually use no super mode, APP custom features for a long time also do not bother to do, we should all be like this. The most commendable aspect is charging, which can last more than half a month at a time.

Maybe some people don't think that's normal? Actually, it's not.

Many electric toothbrushes on the market have the ability to last about a week, or even three days. The electric toothbrush of the roommate we compared in the test, as far as I can remember, grew on the charging base, almost once every three or five days, and it was hard to understand how he held on.

Finally, to sum up: the performance is very strong, with a lot of worry, in addition to changing the toothbrush head every few months, there is nothing to worry about, the 18-day voyage is already very good. And the price is very affordable.

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