Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 magnetic screw plate: keep those pesky screws pinned

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Still using a magnetic screw mat that only suits a specific model? If so, throw it away and get yourself the Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 instead, which can be used for all sorts of metallic items. Coming with a magnetic grille remembrance design, the Mijia screw plate lets you keep the screws in order and pick them up easily.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 Magnetic Position Screw Plate

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 Magnetic Position Screw Plate - BLACK
$4.36 $3.99    

What is a magnetic screw mat used for?

It is always troubling to place the pesky screws in one place when assembling, and we are not even talking about memorizing where they go during assembly. We’ve all been there: you put a few screws on the desk and in just seconds they are gone without a trace and you have to spend the rest of the day crawling under the furniture to look for them. Then, there is the danger of placing the wrong screw in the wrong place — the worst case scenario here is that your device will be permanently damaged. This is where the magnetic screw mat comes in — it’s a true find not only for maintenance professionals but also DIY-ers.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 magnetic screw plate h2

Wowstick Wowpad 2 is a screw mat that can collect the pesky screws in an orderly way. It is a cost-effective screw position plate with special remembrance grid design and strong magnetism. It can help you keep all screws well-organized with a specific spot reserved on the board for each screw.

Professional remembrance grid design

The Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 is designed with precise grids, so that you can clearly earmark the position of each screw and later on put them back into your device in the exact same place you took them out of.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 magnetic screw plate h3

Strong bilateral magnetic adsorption

The mat of Wowstick Wowpad 2 features strong magnetism, which allows it to efficiently collect even the smallest screws.

The screws collected on the mat can also be attached directly to screwdrivers — it works especially well with Wowstick screwdrivers like A1, 1S, 1F, 1FS, 1P, 1P+, H1.   

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 magnetic screw plate h4

Portable handy size

Measuring just 16.5 x 6.5 x 0.02cm, the Xiaomi Mijia magnetic screw plate is lightweight and handy — as it perfectly fits into the palm of your hand. Thanks to the compact design, it takes up very little space so you can conveniently carry it anywhere you need. You can even have it in your pocket.

Flexibility and elasticity

The Wowstick Wowpad 2 is different from similar products made of

hard material — thanks to the special type of plastic used in manufacturing, the pad is more flexible and elastic. This makes it much more resilient to damage than other products on the market.

Wide applicability

There is another reason the Wowstick Wowpad 2 adopts the grille — wide applicability. It can be easily used for a myriad of electronic products like smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, RC toys and more.

Xiaomi Mijia Wowstick Wowpad 2 magnetic screw plate h5

The verdict

Reasonably priced at just $3.99, the Wowstick Wowpad 2 is efficient and cost-effective. This magnetic screw plate will be of great help in any assembly/disassembly projects and will help you stay organized throughout the process. Think of it as your professional on-the-go maintenance partner.

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