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Xiaomi MiTU balanced scooter review: a safe and fun toy to promote children coordination

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-03 3279

On this year's Children's Day, the Xiaomi ecological chain has introduced a toy specially designed for children - the Xiaomi MiTU balanced scooter. The scooter looks very cute and it is also very safe. It's a good toy for training children's balance ability. This children's scooter is suitable for children aged 3-6 years old. It has a maximum load of 50kg and provides three colors: red, yellow and blue. The price is only $69.99.


Xiaomi MiTU Balanced Scooter - PIG PINK

Xiaomi MiTU Balanced Scooter - PIG PINK
$87.48 $69.99    


Overall, the body of this scooter is very compact, but it is a little heavy, so the children must be accompanied by adults when playing it. The MiTU children's scooter adopts detachable design. The handlebars and body parts can be assembled and disassembled. At the same time, the scooter is equipped with two front wheels and one rear wheel, so the three-wheel design can be more stable in the playing process.

the design of Xiaomi MiTU scooter 

The whole body of MiTU balanced scooter adopts triangular structure design. This design can ensure that the body is not easy to roll over, so as to maximize the safety of children. For children aged three to four with weak balance, this design can give them maximum care.

The MiTU balanced scooter is also attached with a hexagon screwdriver, so you can adjust the angle of the front wheels. For children aged 5 to 6 years old who have mastered a certain balance ability, so you can properly adjust the angle of the skateboard wheel to make children experience the joy of fast skating.

adjustable front wheels  

The Xiaomi MiTU scooter also comes with a widened brake cover, which makes it very easy to operate for the children. The brake pad is built in the brake cover, and it adopts the stainless steel material, which also ensures the braking effect of the scooter after a long period of use and further ensures the safety of children.

  the widened brake cover

Both the front and rear wheels of MiTU children's scooter are all PU rubber wheels. The thickness of the front wheel rubber is 32 mm, and the thickness of the rear wheel rubber is 52 mm. These PU rubber wheels have excellent grip force and can minimize vibration. The tires are equipped with LED lights, which increases the fun of children playing.

PU rubber wheels 

In the front wheel turning design, the MiTU children scooter adopts double spring gravity steering system, which can mobilize the child’s ability to coordinate the body’s center of gravity to maintain balance. Compared with the traditional non-gravity steering system, this design is much safer.

double spring gravity steering system 

The pedal of the scooter is designed with a large pedal, with a length of 567 mm and a width of 134 mm. The overall load-bearing capacity is 50 kg. In order to ensure the anti-skid effect, the pedal position of Mitu children's scooter is equipped with TPR anti-skid point, which can well ensure the anti-skid effect of the scooter.

The pedal of the scooter  

The handlebar part of the MiTU balance scooter is designed with three-level adjustment, which can meet the daily use needs of children of different height and age. The frosted appearance also feels very comfortable.

three-level adjustable handlebar part of the MiTU balance scooter 

When adjusting the height of the handlebar, it is necessary to first unscrew the fixed screw lock above the three-stage adjustment, and then adjust the height. After finishing the adjustment, the fixed lock needs to be tightened.

As for the handlebars, Mitu children's scooter adopts C-curve design, and the handlebars are completely wrapped in soft glue. It conforms to the angle of human hand grip and makes children’s operation more comfortable and smooth. The soft glue handle is not only very safe but very easy to clean.

C-curve design of the handlebars  

In addition to the MiTU scooter itself, the package content also includes a user manual, a hexagon screwdriver.

Of course, in the actual use, children must wear the relevant protective gear, and need to be under the supervision of adults, and keep away from dangerous places such as roads.

At present, the scooter is on sale on GearBest with the price of $69.99. It is a very good toy gift for children.


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