Xiaomi MIUI 11 will add and optimize these 5 features

ByFelicity Rosa 2019-05-14 1734

As we all know, Xiaomi mobile phone has always been known for its cost performance, and the user experience of Xiaomi MIUI system has been very good, so Xiaomi mobile phone has also harvested a lot of rice noodles. A few days ago, the head of MIUI broke the news of MIUI11's new and upgraded small functions on the "MIUI person in charge online". We can look at what new things are there.

MIUI11 system  

Global small window

According to the person in charge of MIUI, the MIUI11 system is developing a global small window function, so that when you hit the game, you can easily reply to the message that you must return, without having to quit the game interface. It also allows you to chat with friends while chasing the drama while chasing the drama.

Extreme power saving mode

Our mobile phone will occasionally be in a low battery state. Of course, when we go out, there is no way to charge it. What should we do? According to reports, MIUI11 will add the ultimate power-saving mode. In the case of low power, it will turn off the useless functions except SMS and phone. The screen only uses black and white to help you save power.

Extreme power saving mode 

Negative screen and time display

For the negative screen function, many people say that this function is very necessary, especially for our student party, for example, a negative one-screen curriculum is just right. The person in charge of MIUI said that it will optimize for a negative screen and calendar. The other is the time display, which will add a daily phone usage time display, which can help parents monitor their child's mobile phone usage time. It is understood that the current screen usage time function has entered the experience version, and will soon enter the official development version.

Application freeze function

The person in charge also said that MIUI11 will also increase the application freeze function. Application freezing can freeze the program. Although the program is still there, it will not occupy the running and memory, which is equivalent to no installation. If a program does not need to be used during this time, you can freeze it and take it out when you want to use it.

Apply hidden features and screenshots to share and delete

According to media reports, many people may have hidden features in their minds, so that male friends no longer have to worry about the game on their mobile phones being secretly deleted by their girlfriends. The other one is the delete function after the screenshot sharing. The person in charge of MIUI said that the screenshot optimization program is being further improved, and the three-party application will be adapted in the system application.

MIUI11 system ​ 

In addition to the above many new features, MIUI will have many small system optimizations, there will be a unified design style, global system dynamics, change prompts, global dark mode, mobile data recovery and so on.


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