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Xiaomi MIX 3 to support 960 frames slow motion

ByLinky Johnson 2018-10-25 2294

Xiaomi MIX 3 will support 960 frames slow motion, the official Xiaomi micro blog said.

Since October, it is the harvest season for domestic mobile phone, and many brands choose to release new products this month. Currently, Xiaomi has announced that it will release its full-screen flagship Xiaomi MIX 3 on October 25. In fact, there is nothing amazing about this phone other than the slide design. However, this morning, Xiaomi's official Microblog revealed that the Xiaomi MIX 3 will support 960 frames slow motion.

 960 frames slow motion of Xiaomi MIX 3

"With 960 frames moving slowly, the Xiaomi MIX 3 is more than a full-screen slide," the official account said, with a slow motion video concerning a water balloon explosion attached. The moment of water balloon explosion can be clearly seen from the slow motion video, as it is clearly recorded by slow motion.

the design of Xiaomi MIX 3 

It is worth noting that currently it has been confirmed that Xiaomi MIX 3 will adopt a sliding cover design. From the current exposed information, it can be seen that Xiaomi MIX 3 doesn’t adopt an automatic lifting design like OPPO Find X, but a manual mechanical structure. Not considering it’s good or not at the moment, it's easy to think of your old slide phone, so is it a compromise for a full screen or going backwards for full screen?


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