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Xiaomi mobile power bank - the perfect battery life support

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-24 426

Xiaomi mobile power bank 20,000mAh dual output and up to 18W high-power two-way fast charge.

Xiaomi mobile power bank


Xiaomi mobile power bank supply continues the elegant style of Xiaomi brand. It adopts the simple and elegant packaging of white, and it has no feeling of gorgeous and flamboyant. Personal feeling is very beautiful.

Inside the transparent box is the Xiaomi mobile power supply.

Open the box and find the white cardboard inside, the sound quality and some parameter features on the back, and a folded part on the front side, with some accessories for moving power.

Xiaomi mobile power bank is similar to its original version. The square structure is a very round transition. The surface of Xiaomi power bank is made of environmentally friendly plastic.


Xiaomi power bankcan reduce the scratching situation that is common in ordinary plastics, and at the same time, it has a non-slip function, and the personal feeling is very good when it is held.

After removing the mobile power supply, there is also a manual at the bottom of the box indicating that the mobile power supply is a lithium polymer battery core, which is safe, efficient and compatible, and is very reassuring.

Inside, a 30cm long MicroUSB charging cable is hidden in the side cardboard space, and the white flat cable is good.


The charging parameters of the Xiaomi mobile power 2C are printed on the bottom (the input supports 5V 2A or 9V 2A, the two outputs support 5.1V 2.4A, 9V 2A or 12V 1.5A up to 18W), and the battery energy is 20000mAh 3.7V (74Wh). The rated capacity is 13000mAh 5.1V (TYP 2.4A), the model is PLM06ZM, and the safety sign is also impressive.

The power switch of Xiaomi mobile power supply is recessed, which can effectively avoid the accidental touch when we use it normally, and the touch is OK.

The switch position is just adjacent to the other end face with charging interface and indicator light. The factory has a sticker and seal, which is not only dustproof and clean, but also a very intimate design.


The interface of Xiaomi mobile power is centered on the central MicroUSB input interface. The two output USB-A female ports are symmetrically placed, and the four LED power/charge indicators are also placed in the center. The pattern is relatively regular.

When I took it in my hand, I felt that the weight of this 20,000 mAh was not light.

In fact, I just measured it, the single mobile power supply is 366g (with packaging 419g), according to the proportion of Xiaomi mobile power is not too heavy, the slim body shape to ensure that small people can also hold one hand.

In daily use, Xiaomi mobile power can supply power to multiple devices in two directions, and the charging speed is very fast. It can fill the power of the mobile phone without spending too much time and patience.

The quality and flexibility of the data cable of Xiaomi Mobile Power 2C are good, and there is a lightning bolt on the MicroUSB connector.

Regarding the battery endurance test of Xiaomi mobile power, I did not use the cyclic charging method, but used it during the holiday trip, and it was exhausted and charged.

According to the power consumption environment that is mostly used at a moderate frequency and moderately above, the Xiaomi mobile power supply can satisfy my 2 mobile phones at a time, and the charging is also very rapid, and there is basically no heat during the period.

It can be said that the fast charging quality of Xiaomi mobile power supply has indeed reached the official standard, and supports a variety of mainstream charging protocols, and compatibility is strong.

Finally, I would like to talk about the shortcomings and suggestions for this product. I hope that the future Xiaomi mobile power supply can be equipped with Type-C, preferably with a Type-C/MicroUSB dual-use cable.

In addition, if you can add a storage bag to this charging treasure is not bad.

This Xiaomi mobile power company has accompanied me through a leisurely holiday. Overall, its overall performance is really good.

Not to mention its elegant and elegant, environmentally friendly and scratch-resistant simple case and lightweight and easy to grip design, even if it only talks about its indifference dual interface, and compatible with multiple protocols, up to 18W two-way fast charge, it is enough for me to give up other Has not been able to keep up with the era of mobile power.

The efficient charging of Xiaomi mobile power can greatly save the daily waiting time, become a strong backup for many smart devices, plus ultra-low price, it is the most cost-effective mobile power.

The above is my evaluation and sharing of Xiaomi mobile power. If my sharing help has arrived, I hope that everyone will share it with me. I will continue to share life and good things with you in the future.

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