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Xiaomi modular Reiling mobile power sticker review: a portable wireless charger that brings you brand new charging experience

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-19 3548

Shortly after the end of the holiday, many people choose to take advantage of the holiday to relax. The mobile power bank becomes a necessity. However, sometimes, it is inconvenient to hold a long charging table and a thick mobile power bank in hand. In recent years, more and more smartphones support wireless charging, so the convenience of wireless charging is also used on power banks. However, most of the wireless mobile power bank on the market is just a charging pad without wires, which limits the use of mobile phones when charging. Recently, a new wireless mobile power bank, Reiling Power Sticker, has been put on the shelf by Xiaomi, which brings a totally different using experience.

Xiaomi wireless mobile power bank



This Xiaomi wireless mobile power bank is a third-party product of Xiaomi. Its package still adopts Xiaomi’s classic simple design.


Original Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank 2 - Silver

Original Xiaomi Ultra-thin 10000mAh Mobile Power Bank 2 - Silver
$24.44 $20.40   


After opening the package, you can see the two components of the electric power sticker and the user manual. There is no charging cable provided in the box.

The Reiling Power Sticker adopts 2-in-1 modular design. One part is a charging pad and another part is a battery with 2600 mAh capacity, which conforms to the product's lightweight and portable features. The two module parts are connected by four metal contacts. Besides, you can make multiple combinations between modules to meet the various needs.

2-in-1 modular design 

The front of the charging pad is the LOGO and it's about 1 cm thick and about a half size of a bank card. On the left is the power button and on the right is the MicroUSB interface for charging input. There are four electric indicator lights on the top. The whole charging pad is made of skin-like material and has a good touch feeling.

The front,left, right and top of the charging pad 

The other part of the battery is about the size of the car key, and the surface is made of skin-like material. The bottom is thicker and the top is thinner, which is the same as the charging pad.

The other part of the battery 

The connection between the two parts is not limited by the direction, and the small arc of the battery part fits the contour of most mobile phones.

In addition, it should be noted that the receiving position of the coils of different mobile phones is different. Take the example of the iPhone X, it needs to be attached to the middle part of the back of the mobile phone. But for XR and XS Max, the power sticker should be attached to the upper part of it. 

the receiving position of the coils of different mobile phones 

Although the glue on the power sticker isn’t so sticky, it's still very strong to use, and there's no need to worry about falling off. And it is not subject to material limitations. It can be firmly adsorbed even across the mobile phone case. In addition, this product also supports the detection of metal foreign bodies. When there are foreign bodies, the power will automatically be cut off, which is very safe.

firmly adsorbed even across the mobile phone case 

There is no particular discomfort when holding it in the hands, which is much better than the mobile power bank with a circle of wires.

In terms of specifications, this power sticker adopts the 5V/2.1A input and 5V/1A output. Its charging efficiency is higher than 72%, which optimizes the control chip and provides multiple circuit protection. However, the power sticker doesn’t support fast charging. While it is understandable when you consider its compact size and portability.  

In terms of price, this modular Reiling mobile power sticker has been put on Xiaomi’s official web for sale at 159CNY (about $23.5), which is almost at the same price level with most of wireless power bank on the market. Although the power sticker doesn’t have much battery capacity, it is enough to charge your phones once as a wireless power bank mainly focusing on light weight and portability. What’s more, this power sticker makes it possible to play your smartphones on the go while it is charging.  



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