Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike review: give your children a safe and happy childhood

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If you are well-familiar with Xiaomi rideables, you’ve probably already seen or even tried the famous Xiaomi M365 Scooter or the Ninebot Mini. Today, we are taking an up-close look at the company’s latest arrival — the Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike.


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Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike

Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike: video display

Let's first show you a live video about Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike.



Xiaomi Ninebot Kids Sport Bike from Xiaomi Mijia

Xiaomi Ninebot Kids Sport Bike from Xiaomi Mijia - RUBY RED
$304 $239.99    


Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike: design

Xiaomi's children's bike is designed specifically for kids aged between three and six. It is made with an incredibly light yet sturdy aluminum alloy and weighs just a bit over 8 kilos. There is also a handy handle (pardon the pun) under the seat so that parents can carry the bike easily with one hand.

Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike design

the handy handle on Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike

The anti-slip tires come with a damping effect and ensure a smooth and non-bumpy ride. The bike also features a set of side wheels, which makes it a great choice for a training bike and is suitable for any skill levels.

the side wheels on Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike

The bike's designers have put in place a number of safety features as well. One of them is the anti-pinch brakes made in a way that will prevent the child's fingers from getting caught in between the brake parts.

The overall look can be best describes with the word "sporty". It's minimalistic, with clear lines and yet impressive attention to detail. You can choose between several versions of the bike: the "boy-friendly" dark blue and bright red or the "girl-friendly" light pink and soft red.

Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike has several versions

Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike: features and performance

As you look at the bike from head (handlebar) to toe (rear wheels), you will get to see and appreciate its hidden functionality. There are two brakes on the bike: the front V-brake and the rear brake. Both ensure that your child's bike ride not only be fun but also safe — and it will also be easy for your kids to get the hang of the braking technique.

the V-brake and rear brake on Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike

The anti-clip chain cover makes sure that the bike's chain is well protected from damage as well as the effect of the elements: rust and such. Additionally, it offers an extra safety element guaranteeing that your child won't scratch their leg on the chain or get hurt while carrying or playing with the bike.

We now move on to the anti-slip beading pedal. Featuring a special design, it provides a textured surface for your child's feet, letting them comfortable ride the bike in any footwear and in any weather. This also serves as an important safety element — especially for new bike riders.

the anti-slip beading pedal and chain cover on Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike

The bike uses innovative lightweight tire walls, which make for a smooth and stable ride but also ensure that the tires are not overly heavy — and that is much easier to pump when you need some new air.

the innovative lightweight tire walls on Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike

On the top, you get an extra comfy and padded seat — great for long hours on the bike and providing the needed protection during a ride on a bumpy terrain. There is also a PU foam cover on top of the front part of the frame for extra protection.

Summing things up

The Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike is the proud winner of the iF Design Award 2018 — and, as you can probably see from the text above, for a number of good reasons. Let's go over the bike's main features briefly:

● Simple design, high-quality aluminum frame

● Auxiliary wheels

● Front and rear brakes

● Anti-pinch handbrake

● Anti-slip pedals

● Full bike chain cover

● Under-seat handle

Add to that a nice look, light weight and a selection of bright colors to choose from. The Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike may not come packed with high tech gimmicks (as you may be used to seeing in the company's other products), but it does come packed with safety, simplicity and ease of use. And that's pretty much all we could wish for in a kids sports bike. You can get the Xiaomi Ninebot kids sport bike for $239.99 on GearBest — and there is still plenty of summer left for your child to enjoy it in full!


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