Xiaomi Pocophone F2 with Snapdragon 845? – Geekbench score emerged

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-20 1931

The Xiaomi Pocophone has been in existence in Europe since August 2018. The concept behind the brand is very simple: Extremely strong hardware at an unrivalled low price. No wonder, then, that Poco has significantly increased Xiaomi's notoriety. With such success, it was, of course, to be expected that a successor would not be too long in coming. Now there are the first rumors about the Pocophone F2, which we want to shed a little more light on in this article.

Pocophone F2 in Geekbench's push for the big mutantry is a new entry in the benchmark app Geekbench. Apps such as Antutu or Geekbench are used to test the performance of a smartphone and summarize it in a comparable score. Now it must be made clear in advance that such entries are quite manipulable and that there may not be a prototype of the Pocophone F2 behind the score. In any case, you can find the following entries on Geekbench's website:

Pocophone F2 will adopt the same processor as its predecessor

Benchmarks show that the Pocophone F2 will have the same processor as its predecessor. It is a Snapdragon 845. This chip from market leader Qualcomm is currently still the fastest Android processor on the market, but will be knocked off its throne in a short time by the Snapdragon 855. The new entry in Geekbench therefore raises the question of whether the successor to the Pocophone still has the same processor as its predecessor. This would be surprising in that the success of the Pocophone F1 is due in particular to the combination of the most powerful chip and a cheap price. On the other hand, Xiaomi also has to launch the Pocophone F2 with a low price, which may not be compatible with the very expensive Snapdragon 855.

And what does that mean?

If we look at the previous leaks, two possible scenarios arise. Either the entry in Geekbench is a fake, which is not unlikely at all. Then it might as well be that a Pocophone F2 with Snapdragon 855 awaits us in the near future. However, if the entry is genuine and originates from a real prototype of the F2, it would inevitably mean that Xiaomi will rotate at the successor on other actuators. We think this is quite likely. Abandoning a Snapdragon 855 would mean less power on the data sheet, but it would be almost irrelevant in everyday use, as the SD845 still easily meets all requirements. Instead, Xiaomi could bolt on display, for example, and instead of an IPS panel, now install AMOLED. It is also quite likely that the Pocophone F2 will have a waterdrop notch, as will the Mi 8 Lite or the Redmi Note 7. Finally, an improvement could be achieved in other places, such as the camera. Here, Xiaomi has only recently shown that you can stick out the Pocophone with a mobile phone under €200,000.


What do you think of the rumors about Pocophone F2? Do you think Xiaomi will equip the smartphone with a Snapdragon 845 – and if so, what do you think of this decision. In any case, we would not regard it as a minus point, provided that the manufacturer makes improvements in other points.

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