Xiaomi portable mosquito killer lamp review

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Summer is coming. It is a reason when we eat watermelon, see beautiful girl’s long legs, as well as fight with mosquitoes and other flying bugs. In old fashion, many family use mosquito coils, electric mosquito repellent, which, however, may be harmful for body health after long time usage, especially harmful for family babies or pregnant women. What shell we do? Many people take mosquito killer lamp, a new mosquito repellent tool, into consideration. Here, Candy (the editor of this article ) gives you some introduction to the principles of how mosquito killer lamps kill mosquitoes and their mosquito killing effects, hoping to get you some help

Mosquito lamps work quite well at home.

Mosquito lamps 

●  It kills mosquitoes by using physical principles. Unlike mosquito coils, mosquito repellent tablets, anti-mosquito liquid, mosquito killer lamps have no chemical components, totally non-toxic and non-harmful.

●  Mimicing human bodies by exhaling carbon dioxide, and making advantage of mosquito liking light, it is made to attract mosquitoes, making them fly to the lamp and then shock them to death.

●  It is quite convenient to use. No need of fire lighter, of changing mosquito repellent tablets every day, or of adding anti-mosquito liquid each time. What you only need to do is to plug it into power.

For who?

Especially for those families with little babies, pregnant women, elder parents, and other white collars’ families.

Mosquito lamps for families  

Working principles of mosquito killer lamps

mosquito killer lamps 

●  Related experiment shows that the reason why human bodies are attractive to mosquitoes lies mostly in the carbon dyoxide and the infrared that human bodies generated. By simulating this, the killer lamps can attract mosquitoes to the light and shock them to death with surrounding static electricity.

●  Apart from the above, the mosquito lamps is specially designed with outer cover to prevent mosquitoes from flying away.

Attentions for using mosquito killer lamps.

●  The lamp kills mosquitoes by using eco-friendly physical principles, hence it’s not that quick to display the effects. Please turn on the lamp at least 2 hours before your sleep.

●  Please turn off other light sources when using the mosquito killer lamp, ensuring it is the only light source in your room.

●  If there are little kids in your family, please put the lamp somewhere beyond the kids’ reach (over 1m from the floor).

●  Don’t put your finger inside the lamp for clearing the dead mosquitoes.

●  Ensure the power is cut off before cleaning the lamp. Do as the instruction shows.

Now, I guess you already have some understanding of mosquito killer lamps. Then, I would like to introduce you to the mosquito killer lamp that I have been using -Xiaomi Youpin DYT-90 mosquito killer lamp, the best one I have ever used.


mosquito killer lamps

Physical electrostatic shock to kill mosquitoes

A self-packaged lamp bead and light waves in the 365nm~395nm bands make up a strong attraction to mosquitoes, making them fly towards the light and got killed by electrostatic shock.

Healthy and environmental friendly

800V high voltage with less than 10mA current, safe, non-toxic and harmless.

Lamp life up to 10,000 hours

Lamp life 

High thermal conductivity gold as the filament wire, effectively ensuring mosquito light sent out stably during the use, and the lamp life is up to 10,000 hours.

Mosquito killing range up to 40 m2

Mosquito killing range 

Using Taiwan's high-quality large chip (17x19mil) as the substrate, coupled with the self-developed curved lamp bead, it has high current resistance and high brightness. Together with its own acrylic light guide column, the mosquito light source range is up to 40 square meters.

One lamp with dual use ways

One lamp with dual use ways 

With two independent switches. One is for mosquito killer lamp, the other is for night lighting lamp. The light is soft, no glare.

Fireproof and anti-smash, high-density material

Adopting ABS environmentally friendly flame retardant material, it is not only fireproof, but also with high strength, anti-falling and durability.

6mm gaps design

To prevent fingers from getting in. Protection for naught boys and girls.

6mm gaps design  

IP44 waterproof

IP44 waterproof 

Hook design

You can put the lamp on desk, or hang it on the wall.

Hook design 

Fanless design

No fans, no motoring noise, no interruption with your sleep.

Xiaomi Youpin DYT-90 mosquito killer lamp is quite good. It kills mosquitoes effectively while not harming body health, quite suitable for families with babies, pregnant women, and elder people.  

Fanless design 


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