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Xiaomi power bank 3 will come with 2W mAh battery capacity and support 45W bidirectional fast charge

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-07 1987

On January 4, a Xiaomi flagship store announced that Xiaomi will soon release the Xiaomi power bank 3 high end version on January 11. And it will go on sale with the price of 199CNY (about $29). The biggest feature of the Xiaomi power bank 3 is that it can charge not only mobile devices, but also laptops.

Xiaomi mobile phone power bank 3 

From the pre-heating propaganda of flagship store of .com, we can know that the three high matching plates of Xiaomi mobile phone power bank 3 adopt the one-in-one moulding shell, and the surface texture after UV spraying is exquisite. At the same time, the top and bottom adopt the ceramic high gloss technology, such as warm jade gloss.

Xiaomi mobile phone power bank 3 design 

At the same time, the Xiaomi mobile power bank 3 advanced version has built-in 20000mAh lithium polymer cores. It can charge Xiaomi MIX 2S 4.3 times, iPhone 8 7.3 times, using two USC-A and a USB-C interface combination, in which the USB-A single port can provide 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A fast output, while the USB-C single port can provide 45W Max dual fast charging function, which can charge mobile phones and notebooks. Dual ports can provide 5V/3A output when working at the same time. It also supports low current charging. It can charge Bluetooth headset, Xiaomi bracelet and other electronic devices.

20000mAh lithium polymer cores

As Xiaomi power bank 3 supports the 45W super fast charging function, it can charge mainstream lightweight notebooks in addition to mobile phone tablets. For example, Xiaomi's own Xiaomi notebook Air 13.3 inch version. The charging head function is only 45W, which can be said to greatly improve the scope of application of mobile power supply.

Xiaomi power bank 3 can charge lightweight notebooks

For charging, the high-speed charging function is supported by the Xiaomi power bank 3 advanced version. The maximum power input is 45W. It can be charged in 4.5 hours with 45W charging head which supports the PD protocol. If the 10W charger is used, it will take 11 hours.

Xiaomi has been doing the best cost-effective things, and Xiaomi occupies a large number of market with its cost-effective performance. Now Xiaomi has made further breakthroughs. This power bank supports the mainstream light and thin notebooks, expands the scope of application, and increases the competitiveness of products. If you are interested in it, you can wait for their release.


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