Xiaomi Redmi 7A announced with AI face unlock, 5.45-inch HD display and 4000mAh battery

ByMia Carla 2019-05-27 1763

May 24, Redmi in Weibo to take the lead in the release of Redmi 7A, the product is the main small fuselage, super long life, super volume and so on, the official did not release its price, need to wait for 28th Redmi K20 launch to be revealed. But according to the product selling point is not difficult to guess, Redmi 7A will be a main cost-effective hundred yuan machine, positioning the elderly and students, less than 999 yuan did not run. Let's take a look at the highlights of Redmi 7A.

Redmi 7A back adopts an integrated design, and black version also adds a touch paint spraying process, which makes the grip feel better. The front of the fuselage is equipped with a 5.45-inch eye shield, which can effectively suppress harmful blue light. The grade of eye protection mode has been raised to 255, and the transition is smoother. On the processor side, Redmi 7A is equipped with Gao Tong Lung 439 8-core processor with a maximum main frequency of 2.0GHz. Compared with the previous generation, the CPU performance has been improved by 25%, GPU performance has been improved by 50%, and overall performance has been improved by 26%.

Redmi 7A

Redmi 7A rear 13 million AI camera, support PDAF fast focus, AI beauty, full display photo and other functions. Front AI beauty camera, support AI background virtualization and AI face unlock, light the display can be easily unlocked. In other configurations, the Redmi 7A 2 1 slot supports up to 256GB storage expansion with a standard 4000mAh battery, a charger upgraded from the previous generation of 5W to 10W, and a 47% increase in charging efficiency.

In terms of features, Redmi 7A supports minimalist desktop, and simplified MIUI functions are easy for elders to use. Many users love the "radio" function, adding no headphones can also be free of traffic to listen. In addition, there are more convenient functions such as Big Mac font, magnifier function, large volume mode and so on. And Redmi 7A also has built-in "kinship guardianship" function, which can not only manage the installation and use time of mobile phone applications, but also restrict children's access to bad websites. It also supports one-click guardianship by alerting children/elderly people to their location in and out of areas such as schools.

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