Xiaomi Redmi AirDots: Your Bluetooth headsets could be cheaper

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The newly released Xiaomi Redmi AirDots offers attractive specs and price. Is it worth buying? And where is it available? Please check this post.

Redmi AirDots dersign 

Thus, Xiaomi now has the AirDots and AirDots Pro, but its price is perhaps somewhat high, with 25 and 38 euros to change respectively, which in export stores up to 41 and 70 euros. For this reason, the new Redmi AirDots will assume a really affordable Bluetooth headset for those who buy them from outside China, as their price for change is only 13 euros (99 RMB).

The battery life of the Redmi AirDots, one of its main drawbacks

This price could reach up to 25 euros in export stores seeing what has happened to their older siblings, but still it is a great price for a light and comfortable earphones to wear. They Have Bluetooth 5.0 thanks to the Realtek 8763 chip incorporating, and a light weight of 4.1 grams per handset, with up to 4 hours of autonomy listening to music thanks to its 40 mAh on each handset, where each has a 7.2 mm speaker.

They Also have calls that are heard by both headphones, as well as using a noise reduction system thanks to the DSP. The carrying case is also used to charge the headphones thanks to its 300 mAh battery, extending the autonomy up to 12 hours, so with the case we will have to carry out three full loads of the headphones. The headset takes 90 minutes to charge, and the case can be charged in 2 hours, which weighs only 35.4 grams

Redmi AirDots battery life  

On The headphones themselves we find a button on each side. A single click Pause the music, and two clicks Wake up the voice assistant. You can Also use the button to control your mobile, or use it as a remote shot to take pictures. As we see, at the aesthetic level there is not much difference with the AirDots of Xiaomi, except that the latter have a touch button instead of physical button.

As we said, its price is only 99 RMB, and will be on sale next April 9 in China, and soon start selling in portals in the box also include two silicone pads of the size S and L. In Addition to the REDMI 7 and headphones, the REDMI brand has announced its own cheap washing machine: The Redmi 1A, with a capacity of 8 kilos and a price of 799 RMB (about 105 euros). Since Xiaomi has also announced today that they hope to launch the Xiaomi My Band 4 before the end of the summer.


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