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Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2 teasers exposed: might be first equipped with Snapdragon 675 and 48MP camera

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-21 1269

Recently, the Xiaomi’s new phone get the internet of Ministry of Industry and Information. It will be released in January next year. According to the latest leaked release poster, the new phone is not the Xiaomi Redmi 7, as initially rumored, but the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 2.

the poster of Redmi Pro2

It can be seen that the slogan of the poster of Redmi Pro 2 is the "flagship of national photography" and highlights the first Snapdragon 675 processor, which coincides with the previously rumored "Snapdragon 675 Redmi". In addition, the device is also likely to become the first 48 MP mobile phone for Xiaomi, and is expected to become a strong competitor for Huawei's Nova 4 high-matching version.

First Snapdragon 675 processor

As a sub-flagship product, Redmi Pro 2 is naturally impossible to carry MW855, but MW675 is also a new generation of high-pass processors, and its performance is not weak. With a new generation of Kyro460 CPU architecture and 11-nanometer process, M675 has surpassed M845 in CPU architecture alone. We can look forward to its performance on Redmi Pro 2.

In addition, the access information also revealed that Redmi Pro 2 will be equipped with a 5.84 inch water drop screen and a posterior fingerprint. The battery capacity is not ideal, only 2900 mAh. However, it supports fast charging technology and standard 10W charger.

the 5.84 inch water drop screen and a posterior fingerprint of Redmi Pro 2  

Dual cameras with 48 million pixels

Redmi Pro used to be the first dual-camera cell phone of Xiaomi, and this time Redmi Pro 2 will be defined as the "flagship of national photography". It will carry the 48-megapixel post-dual camera of Lin Bin's previous self-exposure. It is possible to use Sony IMX586 or Samsung GM1 sensors. These two sensors are 48-megapixel, but the parameters and prices are slightly different.

l cameras with 48 million pixels 

There is no doubt that the position of Redmi is lower than that of Xiaomi, so the price of Redmi Pro 2 is expected to be lower than that of rival Huawei Nova 4. In fact, with the support of Snapdragon 675 and 48 megapixel cameras, the configuration of Redmi Pro 2 is obviously better than Huawei Nova 4, which carries Kirin 970.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi Play will be released on 24th of this month, and the release conference of Redmi Pro 2 is expected to be held in January 2019. Friends interested in this phone may wish to pay attention to our continuous reports.


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