Xiaomi Roborock S6 vs Roomba i7+

ByParis Ba 2019-05-24 9591

To be honest, I wanted to wait a few more weeks, because the I7 doesn't have all firmware updates yet....but my fingers are itching

Who buys the I7 will not be disappointed, the vacuum cleaner has weaknesses, but they are partly bearable, but more about it now.

Xiaomi Roborock S6 vs Roomba i7+

Suction power: The Xiaomi is full of power and that with 2000 Pascal, the I7 should be at 1600-1700 Pascal like the 980, which is sufficient in principle, but in problem areas like carpet edges in front of the crumbs are not sufficient anymore. The Xiaomi has no problems here and sucks something like this away due to its suction power.

Navigation: Actually not comparable, but I think IRobot really did something here, the combination gyroscope and camera has probably been significantly improved by optimizing the software, as with the 900 models not optimal, but also not bad. The Xiaomi of course plays out its laser navigation here and honestly.....there's no better way to do that.

Firmware updates: I think both companies are busy here and older models are not forgotten either.

Climbing ability: The Xiaomi is much better, it easily grabs two centimeters, the I7 also, but bounces with the butt, according to the motto, just managed again. The I7 doesn't like corner edges of the carpets at all and sometimes fails with a 1 cm high carpet. Of course it does, but only with a different approach.

App: Also here the Xiaomi is clearly in front, everything you need is here clearly and understandably available, the Roombas app is also not bad, but does not have as much information as Xiaomi.

This was just a short report, a deep report will follow, when the I7 has received its most important updates.


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