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Xiaomi Roborock T6 highlights, features and main upgrades

ByLinky Johnson 2019-04-09 4436

The Xiaomi Roborock T6 was released on March 19 with the price of 2799 CNY (about $417). The new Roborock T6 features selected well-known components, brand-new map management 3.0, new cleaning noise reduction design and better sweeping and mopping experience.

The Roborock T6 adopts the flagship chip R16, which is a powerful chip from the industry leading brand ALLWINNER series. The TI digital signal processor comes from old Texas Instrument semiconductor, and the MCU microprocessor adopts ST Semiconductor, the largest semiconductor brand in the world.

As the "eyes" of the sweeping robot, the LDS navigation system of the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner has upgraded the new generation of laser mapping algorithm, which brings faster, more stable and more accurate mapping ability, and can automatically identify the room and clean the room more intelligently.

the LDS navigation system 

In addition, the newly upgraded Rock Navigation Path Planning of the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner is more intelligent than previous generations. Based on the principle of long edge priority and proximity, the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner can sweep the narrow area faster, smarter, and improve the cleaning efficiency by 20%.

upgraded Rock Navigation Path Planning 

Thanks to the above two intelligent upgrades, the map Management 3.0 system of the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner can accurately remember the user's home map after the first sweeping, provide users with more personalized sweeping operations, support district sweeping, zoning sweeping and virtual wall forbidden area settings, and sweep whatever you want.

the map Management 3.0 system 

The Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner has redesigned and optimized the noise reduction units to achieve low noise under high suction. The new 30.5mm motor reduces the rotational speed (increases the torque) and reduces the running noise compared with the previous generation products. At the same time, it optimizes the motor vibration and gear design, and it is also filled with soundproof cotton and noise reduction air sieve, which can greatly reduce the cleaning noise. Generally speaking, the noise of the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner is reduced by 50% compared with the previous generation under the condition of guaranteeing high suction.

The new 30.5mm motor 

It is worth mentioning that the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner brings users 3 main upgrades in cleaning system.

Upgrade 1: detachable main cleaning brush

As the traditional brush is very easy to be tangled by hair, so the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner innovatively introduced a detachable main brush, which allows consumers to easily remove the whole group of hair in only three steps. At the same time, the main brush adopts the material of DuPontTM Zytel, which is a famous international brand. It has more powerful cleaning performance, more flexible and durable, and more gentle to the floor.

Upgrade 2: convenient disposable mop

To avoid the trouble of frequently cleaning the mop, the Roborock T6 introduces the disposable mop, which is easy to install and tear. So users just need to change the new mop after finish the cleaning.

Upgrade 3:adjustable water yield of cleaning   

To meet different wet mopping needs, the water tank of Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner has added adjustable gears. The two gears can meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, for daily sweeping, you can adjust a small amount of water, which will not cause long-term wetness on the ground. If there are strong stains on the ground (such as soy sauce and beverage), you can choose the lager water yield.

different wet mopping 

In addition, the Roborock T6 vacuum cleaner inherits 5200 mAh large battery, 2000Pa large suction, 2cm obstacle climbing ability, 14 kinds of sensors and so on.


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