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Xiaomi Seabird 4K action camera review: a stylish and slim camera with a good price-performance ratio

ByLinky Johnson 2019-02-08 7625

For outdoor enthusiasts, smartphones or SLR photography can not meet the needs of some special circumstances. At this time, a professional action camera is particularly important. However, the outdoor action cameras usually come with a hefty price, and even the most cheapest action camera cost you hundreds of dollars. While the new release of an action camera from Xiaomi Youpin changes the situation. This new camera named as Xiaomi Seabird 4K action camera mainly focus on price-performance ratio and it is just priced at $91.99 on GearBest.

XIAOMI SEABIRD 4K Action Camera 4K / 30 Frames Video Recording Portable Size - BLUE
$112.69 $91.99    


In terms of cost-performance, we should start with the product itself. First of all, the price of the Seabird 4K action camera is under $100, so it certainly can compete with the professional cameras with hundreds of dollars. But the Seabird 4K action camera offers main functions like most of other action cameras. The Seabird 4K action camera adopts Heise Hi3559 chip, which is produced by the world's leading supplier Heise Semiconductor who is specialized in ultra-high definition video technology. The Heise Hi3559 chip is mainly applied in professional cameras, high-end RC drones, extreme sports DV, 3D/VR cameras. Besides, the Seabird is equipped with a 1200-pixel SONY camera to offer clear shooting, which is comparable to the professional configuration of thousands of action cameras. Now, let's take a close look at the Seabird 4K action camera.


Design: stylish and lightweight

When opening the box, we can see the beautiful Seabird 4K action camera. Except that, the package box also contains a Lithium-ion Battery, a USB data cable and a user manual.

XIAOMI SEABIRD 4K Action Camera design

On the front, the Seabird 4K action camera has a 12MP SONY lens with F2.6 aperture and it supports 145 degree wide-angle shooting. The bottom left is a power button. The Seabird 4K action camera comes with the size of 6.05 x 4.22 x 2.97cm and weight of 60g, which feels very light. The camera offers 3 color options: green, blue, orange.   

The camera's back is covered with a 2.0-inch touchable IPS screen, which can view photos and recorded videos in real time.

On the top, there is a button functioned as taking pictures, start shooting videos and stop shooting videos. There is a small dot beside the button.

The left side includes a micro SD card slot and a USB charging interface with a sealing cap, but it must be noted that the naked Seabird 4K action camera is not waterproof, so you need to prepare a waterproof case for it.  

the micro SD card slot and USB charging interface on XIAOMI SEABIRD 4K Action Camera

At the bottom, there is a battery area, and there is also a thread interface on the side so that you can conveniently install the Seabird camera on the 360 degree rotary bracket or selfie stick to achieve some special shooting. For 360 degree rotary bracket, hand-held video recording on the Seabird 4K action camera can be achieved by rotating 360 degrees.

The Seabird 4K action camera features light and stylish design, which is very convenient for you to travel with it. The orange panel with leather texture has obvious touch. What's the actual using experience? Let's find out.   

Camera performance

The Seabird 4K action camera adopts a 12MP SONY camera, which can achieve 145 degrees wide-angle effect in photography. The camera also provides several shooting modes including ordinary photography, timed photography, continuous photography, time-lapse photography, etc. At the same time, it can achieve automatic adjustment of white light, IOS and exposure compensation.  

the camera performance of the XIAOMI SEABIRD 4K Action Camera

For ordinary photography, the Seabird 4K action camera has a wider shooting angle than that of ordinary smartphones, and the overall picture quality is good.

The camera performance of the Seabird 4K action camera can't compete with professional HD action cameras, but in terms of overall price-performance ratio, it is enough for daily use.

Video recording performance

In terms of video recording, the Seabird 4K action camera support 4K video recording, ordinary photography, slow motion, time-lapse, cyclic photography. At the same time, you can set the function of electronic image stabilization and distortion correction. Compared with the smartphones, the video images on the Seabird 4K action camera are more stable and clear.

the video recording performance of the XIAOMI SEABIRD 4K Action Camera

Therefore, the built-in Heise Hi3559 chip and the 6-axis gimbal make the Seabird 4K action camera have a good performance on taking pictures and shooting videos.

The downside is that the Seabird 4K action camera just has 1050mAh battery capacity, so it can't serve you for a long time.

In addition, the Seabird 4K action camera can also work with APP, so you can operate it on your smartphone. Once connected successfully with the APP, you can check power state, video size, ISO, light balance, storage state, and view pictures and videos, etc. Besides, it can directly transfer the images from the camera to your smartphone.   

The verdict

Generally speaking, the Xiaomi Seabird 4K action camera offers good value for money. Equipped with 12MP SONY lens and excellent Heise Hi3559 chip, the Seabird 4K action camera can achieve wide-angle shooting and 4K video recording, and it offers you multiple shooting modes, such as slow motion photography, time-lapse photography, and cyclic photography. What's more, it also supports anti-shake function. Therefore, the Xiaomi Seabird 4K action camera is a good photography equipment for you.   


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