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Xiaomi Seabird 4K action camera unbox: a portable and stylish 4K camera offered at an affordable price

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-19 1620

With more and more people becoming more interested in outdoor sports, people prefer to take action cameras when they travel. However, in the face of the current market, many people hesitate to pay more than $590 for action cameras. It can be said that there are not many kinds of action camera in the current market, so there is a poor choice for everyone. Today, I will show you a action camera launched by Xiaomi. Let’s see how this kind of camera positioned at the "pro-people price" actually performs.

Seabird 4K action camera

Opening the package box

The Seabird 4K action camera launched by Xiaomi has three colors: orange, blue and green. I was lucky to have this orange camera. The product packaging has obvious Xiaomi product logo, simple outsourcing design gives people an intuitive feeling, "4K, portable, fashionable" is the three characteristics of seabird action camera highlights.

the package box 

The back of the product is still related to the introduction of information. Detailed data parameters will be introduced to you later.

Packing side is another big feature of seabirds camera, especially video, image and transmission.

Open the package you can see an orange camera. The first feeling it gives is the fashionable and beautiful appearance design. It instantly gave me a kind of "Is this a toy camera?" illusion.

Opening the package   

The contents of the packing list are very simple, one camera, one battery (I have loaded the camera), one USB data line and one instruction book.

Seabird 4K action camera gives a "toy" instant vision. Its compact and concise appearance design, fashionable and beautiful color matching, really let people have a kind of "love at first sight" feeling.

Seabird 4K action camera appearance design 

USB data lines are relatively short and may have some limitations on charging.

Data parameters

Seabird 4K action camera is 60.5mm in intestine and stomach, 42.2mm in width, 29.7mm in height, and weighs only 60g. It's too abstract for you to see. Let's make a comparison. Seabird action camera is smaller and lighter than an orange of normal size.

Seabird action camera size 

The sensor of Seabird 4K action camera is SONY with 12 million pixels. The lens is F2.6 aperture. The field of view angle is MAX145 degrees, supporting 6-axis gyroscope shake-proof; wireless WiFi and Bluetooth are also equipped; the memory card is MicroSD card with 128G capacity, using lithium battery (1050 mAh), and it can realize 90 minutes 4K/30 frames video recording.

In addition, in the aspect of camera hardware, the Seabird 4K camera adopts professional photographic level chip. Hess Hi3559 chip is a new generation of mobile Cam TM intelligent video processor developed by Huawei Hess Semiconductor for professional cameras, high-end UAVs, extreme motion DV, 3D/VR cameras and other products. Strong chips support super performance. Maybe you still can't understand how good this chip is. I believe you can see the strength of Huawei mobile phone photography and how powerful this chip level is.

Product details

The compact appearance of the lovely seabird 4K action camera is a fascinating bright spot in its compact design. The main reason is that the design of the product is very simple. There are only two buttons on the camera: the button on the front of the camera is the switch/mode switch/return button, and the other is the stop button on the top of the camera. With fewer keys, it is more convenient and fast to operate.

There is only one shooting button directly above the camera, so even the moment of capture is very convenient, the best shooting time will not be missed.

The Seabird 4K motion camera comes with a 2.0-inch IPS high-definition touch screen, which can be operated on the screen by keys, and the touch screen is not cartoon-free. Large screens also look clearer and more comfortable, giving people a more convenient control and visual experience.

Seabird 4K motion camera 2.0-inch IPS high-definition touch screen 

On the left side of the camera is the MicroSD card slot and the USB interface. This time, I tried to use the MicroSD card with 64G storage space to see the effect of video storage and transmission. The USB interface can be directly charged by connecting the USB data line without removing the battery.

the MicroSD card slot and the USB interface 

Using experience

The mobile app design of Seabird action camera is relatively simple and easy to operate. Even novices do not have much difficulty in operating; It can connect mobile app through wireless, so that the camera can take pictures synchronously displayed to the mobile app interface.


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