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Xiaomi Smartmi air humidifier review: get rid of stuffiness and dryness in your home with an app controlled humidifier

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Xiaomi has a wide range of home appliances: from smart home gadgetry to vacuum cleaners. And today we are looking at the latest addition to the Xiaomi family — Xiaomi Smartmi Air Purifier.


Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier - WHITE

Smartmi Pure Evaporative Air Humidifier - WHITE
$154 $114.99    


What is an air humidifier?

An air humidifier is a device that adds moisture to the air. And why would I want more moisture in my air, you might ask. Humidifier therapy is said to be a powerful tool for treating irritation, allergies, dryness of skin, nose and throat. It's also a powerful preemptive strike against the common cold.

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold.

So what makes the Xiaomi Smartmi air humidifier special? Let's run through.

Xiaomi Smartmi air humidifier: design

Let's start with the looks. An air humidifier is not a home accessory that you will be hiding in the books and crannies of your house. Instead, it will probably be one of the focal points in your living space. It's probably with this in mind that Xiaomi have made their humidifier into a classic white box with a small logo on the front. The device measures 13.78 x 13.78 x 27.56 inches and measures about 4kg. While the humidifier is not particularly heavy, it's quite bulky - and you will need to assign enough space to the gadget in your home.

the design of Xiaomi Smartmi air humidifier 

Xiaomi Smartmi: large changeable tank and easy app control

Xiaomi's snow white humidifier comes with quite a large 4-litre tank. This means that the Smartmi can work non stop for up to 8 hours - so you won't have to bother yourself with refilling and restarting the device every couple of hours. Additionally, there is a built-in water sensor that alerts you to the water level so that you can change it ahead of time and, should the water run out, the machine will turn off automatically.

the built-in water sensor 

The humidifier is quiet and works at only 34.3dB when in night mode. This lets you easily have the humidifier on even when you are resting and it won't disturb your beauty sleep in the slightest.

34.3dB when in night mode 

As part of the simplified design, the humidifier comes with an open tank that is very easy to clean. Thanks to automatic evaporation, Smartmi will also get rid of all the water in the tank even if you forget to change it - preventing old water from accumulating and causing bad odours. These two features partially make up for the absence of the built-in UV light, often present in humidifiers, that removes bacteria from the air.

automatic evaporation 

As most Xiaomi home gadgets, Smartmi supports app control, which gives it the potential to be efficiently incorporated into the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem: you will be able to make the humidifier part of your automated scenarios, control it remotely, set humidity targets, etc.

When adding a new "always on" appliance to your home, you might be worried about energy consumption. Smartmi should not put too much pressure on your electricity consumption as it uses a modest 220V and a power supply of 8W.

Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier: the verdict

So, is the Xiaomi Smartmi humidifier something that you need at your home? Naturally, it depends on what you are looking for. At $114.99, Smartmi is not the cheapest home accessory out there. Whether you need one for your home or not is, of course, a personal decision - and you will also be able to find more economical models on the market.

The Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier would be a great choice for those who already have a bunch of Xiaomi smart home gadgets in the house as the humidifier would blend into the system seamlessly. Among other advantages, we would mention the large water tank, low noise level and energy consumption and easy cleaning. The main drawbacks would be that there is no UV light for eliminating the germs as well as the fact that the humidifier is on the bulky side and will take up some space.


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