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Xiaomi SWDK mites vacuum cleaner goes on sale: features 5 minutes ultraviolet sterilization

ByLinky Johnson 2018-12-26 2091

Xiaomi SWDK KC301 Hand-held Mites Vacuum Cleaner went on sale for $76.64 on GearBest. This product has participated in Xiaomi crowdfunding. Now, it is much cheaper than the previous crowdfunding price.

Xiaomi SWDK mites vacuum cleaner 


SWDK KC301 Hand-held Mites Vacuum Cleaner - WHITE CHINESE PLUG (3-PIN)

SWDK KC301 Hand-held Mites Vacuum Cleaner - WHITE CHINESE PLUG (3-PIN)


Mites are the main inhalation allergens in the house. Allergic rhinitis and dermatitis are mostly related to them. Beds, pillows and plush toys are all suitable places for mites to breed. Even if exposed to sunlight for 4 hours, only about 60% of mites can be killed, which is difficult to eradicate.

The wireless hand-held mite-removing vacuum cleaner can remove the mites in only three steps. Firstly, it beats the fabric surface about 8000 times per minute at high frequencies to form a strong earthquake, which will knock out all the deep dust mites hidden in the mattress.

Xiaomi SWDK mites vacuum cleaner 

Then the cyclotron airflow with about 12 000 PA volunteer suction can easily suck out dust mites, with brushless suction head, to prevent the fabric from scratching and winding in the process.

Finally, the mites were sterilized by UV-C ultraviolet penetration. If double filtration is adopted, high-quality Haipa is selected, the filtering effect is better. The interception rate of dust secondary discharge of the whole machine is 99.97%.

The built-in battery can be filled in 2.5 hours and can work continuously for 25 minutes. Abandoning power cord, it is safe and winding-proof.

remove the mites  battery 


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