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Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S: which is best?

ByAdan Flannigan 2019-07-16 1530

Xiaomi WiFi router 4 and Honor WiFi route 2S are Gigabit interfaces and support the 5 GHz band and the 2.4 GHz band in the transmission band with the same price. We mainly compare the appearance, application, wireless speed.

Appearance - Xiaomi is traditional, Honor is novel

Both routers are white, not big in size. The appearance of the Xiaomi Router 4 is more traditional. The four antennas can recognize easily. The Honor route 2S is a delicate and elegant square box. It looks like a smart speaker. No external antenna, no means no antenna, Honor routing 2S built two high-performance dual-band free-adjusting antenna, and has been adjusted to a more scientific angle at the factory, effectively eliminating signal interference, making Wi-Fi coverage wider . It is worth mentioning that the appearance of Honor Route 2S has also won the global 2018 iF design award, so this differentiated design is refreshing.

 Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S

Interface - Honor WiFi router 2S supports dual network

The WAN/LAN interface of Xiaomi Router 4 is also a traditional interface. The blue WAN interface is connected to the external network, and the other two LAN interfaces are connected to devices such as PCs or TVs. The design of the Honor routing 2S interface is more tidy. The most important thing is that the WAN/LAN interface of the Honor WiFi router 2S is not distinguishable. The blind insertion function of the network port is adopted, and the automatic identification is inserted, and the dual-network dual-pass is supported. Some homes may have both mobile broadband and connected broadband, and this router can be used at the same time. So the interface aspect Honor WiFi router 2S is absolutely good.

 Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S

Heat dissipation - Honor internal heat dissipation

The bottom of the Xiaomi router 4 is a large number of heat dissipation openings, so it is also necessary to consider a certain amount of space when placing. The Honor router 2S has no vents, because its internal heat dissipation is very good, and it is not a problem to place it anywhere in the house.

 Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S

Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S 

In appearance, these two router products, the author almost likes the Honor route 2S at first sight, simple design, petite body, can also be placed arbitrarily, the biggest advantage is that the interface supports the network port blind plug and dual network Double pass, no doubt, this is a more intimate design.

Application and connection

Both router products can be connected and set up via a mobile phone or PC. But for a better experience and easier management, it's best to install your own app.

In terms of APP connection, the "Smart Home" APP of Honor Routing 2S is different from Xiaomi, and it is more inclined to realize the realization of home scenes, such as living room, bedroom, and even the master bedroom and the second bedroom. For the management of routers, including flood control network, guest management and management of different login devices, they are more professional. In addition, remote management is also supported. It is worth mentioning that the “Smart Home” app also includes a child Internet protection function, which is necessary for families with children and users who need to access the Internet, such as the length of time for children to go online, independent accounts, and browsing content. Etc., can be managed and monitored.

 Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S

The connection of the APP makes the setup and management of the router simpler and more intelligent. It can be seen that the Honor routing 2S APP is highly integrated in function, smart home, and long-term layout. And Xiaomi WiFi APP is more focused on router management, more like a tool.

Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S 

Speed detection

Using the network, it is plain to download, upload, whether it is to watch the web or watch the video. We use the mobile phone, tablet and other devices to access the Internet, and get the wireless signal of the router, so the signal quality will definitely affect the network speed. In addition, most households only use one route, so the strength and position of the router signal, the location of the router, Intervals, distances, and network instability can affect network speed. It is obviously not objective to use an environment to judge the quality of the route. The implication is that the speed test of the router, even if it is very accurate, cannot represent the use of all users.

Therefore, in the test session, we use the most commonly used speed masters to continuously observe and observe, take a maximum value for everyone to make a reference, in terms of the overall trend, it is also possible to identify the strength of a router signal, at least contrast These two routes are really much better than the one in my home.

Daily use of wireless WiFi, in addition to watching online video, playing games, another network behavior is to download, whether it is to update the game or download high-definition video, many files are several GB, tens of GB, my home broadband is 100MB, previously used Another brand router, the download speed is generally 1-3MB, when it can reach 5MB at a time, it feels good, but in fact it is not fast, no one is willing to wait a minute. So when comparing these two routes, I will directly check the speed through Thunder download, I believe it is more valuable for everyone.

  Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S

Xiaomi WiFi router 4 vs. Honor WiFi router 2S

The specific parameters of the two routers, you can check the Internet, but the router network, unlike the comparison of mobile phones and notebook hardware, it is estimated that many people can not understand the various network protocols, so the final router is good-looking, the connection speed is good. Well, whether it is easy to install and manage, it is still the most reference value.


From the appearance, I prefer the Honor route 2S without external antenna, simple and concise. Moreover, Honor routing 2S supports dual network dual-pass, WAN/LAN interface supports network port blind insertion, which is a very good intimate experience for users. According to the speed detection, the Honor route 2S is still higher than the Xiaomi router 4, so the router is not good, and there is no direct relationship with the antenna and the number of antennas. In addition, on the connection, the connection between Honor Route 2S and Xiaomi Router 4 is more foolish, one-click connection, and then set. However, the management of Honor routing 2S smart home APP is more powerful and more personalized, and it can be seen that smart home layout, one APP supports more intelligent product management, and in the future, with the development and popularization of smart home, Honor routing Routers such as 2S will also be the development trend of the entire routing industry.

These two routes are located in the home entry-level wireless routing, the price is also 199 yuan, so which one do you prefer, I believe I will have my own answer.

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