Xiaomi Wireless Gamepad: the best Bluetooth gamepad in the world

ByGB Blog Official 2016-12-10 10232

The Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth gamepad is the best of its kind available right now in the market. No point in being coy about it, since it really is. Currently available at GearBest for only $23, the Xiaomi gamepad is an absolute steal when compared to others, and compatible with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC...) and hundreds of Android/iOS games!


Why is it so good?

Even if you're not a hardcore gamer, you probably at some point already held a videogame console gamepad in your hands, either from a Nintendo console, PlayStation, Xbox or another platform. One of the main reasons why the Xiaomi gamepad is so good is due to its build quality on pair with the highest standards established by the forenamed industry giants. The device feels and looks premium in every way - from the very solid and ergonomic materials used, to the placement of all the right buttons, analog sticks, triggers and bumpers any gamer would expect from a current generation controller. What this means is, that no matter what game you're playing on your tablet or smartphone (or PC), the Xiaomi gamepad will give you all the options you need to play high-precision games that are best played with with analog buttons instead of the sometimes "loose" touch screen interface.


Turn your mobile device into a full-fledged videogame console!

By owning a Xiaomi wireless gamepad you can easily turn your smartphone or tablet into a full blown domestic game console! How? Easy! Simply connect your mobile device into a compatible tv set, either through HDMI cable or screen casting. Once that is done, turn on the Bluetooth from your device and connect the controller to it, and that's it! Now sit back on your comfy couch and enjoy your game being displayed in a big HD screen! If you don't know what to play, here's a good list of Android games best played with a gamepad to get you started right away!

You can get the Xiaomi Wireless Gamepad right here, and also check other joypad suggestions at GearBest.