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Xiaomi XiaoAi Speaker HD released: coming with HiFi sound quality and 360-degree surround sound

ByLinky Johnson 2019-01-09 7354

On Jan. 5, Xiaomi released "XiaoAi Speaker HD" for 599CNY (about $88), which is the highest end smart speaker of Xiaomi so far.

Xiaomi xiaoai speaker HD 

In this before, Xiaomi has launched many popular speakers, such as Original Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker, Xiaomi Mi Al Mini Speaker, Original Xiaomi XMYX03YM Bluetooth 4.2 Speaker, etc. 

Xiaomi Xiao Ai speaker HD adopts 4+1 full-range speaker array, double passive basin surging bass, 30W high-power shock intensity, and DSP dynamic compensation to equalize sound field. These nouns look cloudy. Let's talk about them in a more popular way. From the exposure box, you can see that the Xiaoai speaker HD has four speakers, each facing four directions, so that you can hear clearly no matter where you are in the room.

4+1 full-range speaker array 

Xiaomi Xiao Ai speaker HD adopts very simple design. The three dimensions are 150 mm x 150 mm x 234 mm. It offers two colors including dark grey and light grey. The fabric package is very stylish. There are four control buttons on the top of Xiaomi Xiaoai speaker HD. They are the microphone key, the volume reduction key, the volume increase key and the playback/pause key. There are six independent microphone arrays around the key area.

two colors including dark grey and light grey 

Finally, let's look at the power of the speaker, what is the concept of 30W high power shock intensity? Nowadays, many smart TV sets are equipped with speakers of 10W. Ordinary smart speakers are only 3-6W, while Xiao Ai speakers HD has the power of 30W, so you can enjoy louder sound experience. The sound quality of Xiao Ai speaker HD is also greatly enhanced compared with the released Xiao Ai speaker. The 104mm large-caliber speaker will be very powerful for both bass notes and top notes.



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