Xiaomi Yeelight LED smart bulb Usage common issues

ByLinky Johnson 2019-06-18 3163

Here, we have listed some FAQs about Xiaomi Yeelight LED smart bulb, you can check some annoying problems after buy it, such setting timer, connecting, adjusting brightness and so on. It will help you a lot.


Yes, you can select the option "Standard light on" in the settings of the light bulb, set the light bulb to the desired brightness and then enter "Settings" - "Standard light on".

Click "Save as Brightness" and turn on the light each time you turn it off. The light bulb lights up at the set brightness.

Yes, the Android user clicks the More button (three dots) in the upper right corner of the user interface and the Timer Switch Light pop-up menu appears.

iOS users can set the timer in the smart scene of the Xiaomi Smart Home application.

Yes, the light bulb must be in standby mode before it can be controlled by the mobile phone. If you turn off the light using the physical switch, it means that the light bulb is turned off. In this case, it cannot be controlled by the mobile phone because there is no power available. The light bulb cannot implement various network connection functions. In addition, our lamp consumes very little power in standby mode and only one kilowatt in standby mode for about 40 days. The big advantage of the LED lamp is its long service life. This product is CQC certified and has strict quality control. You can count on it. Leave the lamp in standby mode.

First, we are very sorry Yeelight Smart light bulb must use Xiaomi smart home phone application, but currently Xiaomi smart home phone application has not launched an international version, so the quality of overseas communication is not good.

Yeelight's White Light Edition smart bulb uses a warmer 4000K colour temperature that is neutral and tends to white. Although the light has a somewhat yellow colour, it is often referred to in the industry as white light. This color temperature application scene is more extensive. Most family scenes:

The whiter, high colour temperature, also known as the cool colour, is 5300 K or more. It has a bright feel which allows people to concentrate and not fall asleep easily. It is mainly suitable for offices, conference rooms, classrooms etc. The domestic environment is usually a place to relax. Cold light is not particularly suitable. For example, it increases the difficulty of falling asleep. We have therefore chosen a warmer colour temperature of 4000 K and hope that you will find a more pleasant lighting environment in your home.

You can pay attention to the following points:

1. There is a WLAN router that can access the Internet normally, and the WLAN router supports a 2.4-G network.

2. The mobile phone is connected to the WLAN router and can be connected to the Internet.

3. The mobile phone can be installed with the "Millet Smart Home" application. The system requirements for the mobile phone are Android 4.0 and higher, iOS7 and higher.

4. Make sure that the light bulb is brand new and has not been linked by others. If it is connected, you must restore the factory settings. If you don't know how to restore them, you can take a look at this tutorial.

5. If your family has already established a connection to this device, share the control of the light bulb with you via the release function. You don't have to connect anymore.

Make sure that the mobile app and Yeelight are on the same LAN, open the app and search automatically.

Select [Light Control List] enters a lamp, a ring-shaped drag luminance can adjust the brightness control bar, click the button shaped center of the power switching operation of the lamp.

Close the behavior of the entire software and no real power to the lamp When disconnected, only the light went into standby mode.

Select [Light Control List] a lamp enters, select tab [Color] icon with the color wheel color setting drag;

Click the center button to select white mode; drag bar edge saturation setting, color saturation setting .

Views of [Light Control List] enters a lamp, select [Delay], drag the timeline from the bottom left, and then the intermediate area will show a delay time, [ON] will go let after the power-on delay time setting, select [OFF ] Set the delay for closing, and press the [Cancel] button to cancel the delay setting of the current light.

From the [Light Control List] set, click on the upper right corner [Lamps] Light the group list enters; select Set [+ character with a broken line] to increase a packet, add packet control light to fill [Group Name], [Complete] Save.

Set the status of the lights, enter [Profile], click in the upper right corner [New], enter the [Model Name], check the lights must be used in this mode, [Complete] saving;

If the mobile terminal control and the control box are on the same local area network in which [System Setting] is set to [Authorized Remote Control], this power binds the cellular phone and the box. If the mobile device and the control box are not in the same LAN where the APP automatically searches for the box. If the search fails after a few seconds, select [Use Remote Mode].

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