Xiaomi Yijie handheld wireless vacuum cleaner appears on crowdfunding platform: features fast sweeping with no dust flying

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On April 25, Xiaomi released Yijie handheld wireless cacuum cleaner on the crowdfunding platform with the price of 99 yuan. The Yijie handheld wireless cacuum cleaner boasts fast cleaning with no dust flying, dual brushes brushes without dust leakage, electrostatic adsorption, and wireless long time cleaning time.

When using traditional broom to sweep the floor, due to the long wool of the broom and the semi-open design of the dustpan, flying dust will inevitably occur, which also causes the invisible physical burden.

The rolling brush of the wireless hand-held sweeper uses the spiral wool planting process. Its brush is tight and firm. The main brush is designed with V-shaped brush bristle, which keeps in touch with the ground without sweeping. The main brush rotates at 1300r/min. Its high-speed operation will throw garbage into the garbage can, which is not only efficient and fast, but also very good to avoid dust.

Thickened non-woven fabrics with electrostatic powder are supplementary. It can effectively absorb fine dust and debris which brush bristles are difficult to sweep up. Non-woven materials can be effectively degraded.

The hand-held pole of the sweeper can rotate in three directions: left, bottom and right. The main board is equipped with switch keys, which can be opened by tapping lightly without bending down. LED indicator lights are provided, blue lights are on when working, blue lights flash when power is insufficient, red lights are on when charging, and blue lights are on when full.

The main machine size of this sweeper is 270mm x 170mm. The weight of the machine is less than 1kg. It is light in size and simple in appearance. It uses large capacity batteries of 2000 mAh and can last for 2 hours. When you use it, you can sweep wherever you want without the restraint of charging wires.

Xiaomi Yijie handheld wireless vacuum cleaner



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