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Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen light and fashionable waterproof luminous quartz watch: the beauty of simplicity on the wrist

ByNiki Jones 2018-11-26 3690

Perhaps, people have seen too many mechanical watches, so in their eyes, it is not worth mentioning quartz watches. And there's a lot of bias against quartz watches: cheap, non-technical, not high-end. Today, I will talk about the quartz watch briefly- TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch from Xiaomi Youpin, to break some people's inherent cognition of quartz watch through this evaluation experience.

On Nov.17, Xiaomi Youpin released a crowdfunding product - Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Light and Fashionable Quartz Watch. Yes, it is a quartz watch, with no LOGO design on the entire body, the 5.5 mm thin body, the original inlet movement, the sapphire glass lens, the price is 20.15 dollars on GearBest. To be honest, I was surprised to see the price. Can you get a classy quartz watch for 20.15 dollars?

Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch 

I have been wearing the very light and ultra-thin quartz watch for a few days, and the biggest feeling is thin, 5-millimeter thickness of the body, and it is not obtrusive when wearing it, both men and women are suitable for this quartz watch.

TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch: package

In terms of package, it still continues the simple design style of Xiaomi Youpin. On the front of the package box, there is a simple watch pattern. You can see the words "Youpin" on the upper right corner of the package, which proves that it will be the new member of Xiaomi Youpin.

 the package of TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch 

Inside the package, there is only one watch and one card related to product information, and there is no extra spare parts, such as a battery.

TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch: size

The first question that many people who buy the wristwatch for the first time is "What size of the watch should I buy?" This lightweight and ultra-thin quartz watch, coming with a 40mm ultra-thin large dial, and the biggest benefit is that it's very easy for you to see the time clearly. This "large" style wristwatch is suitable for the tall and strong young people to wear. But for the users with thinner arms, like me, can also wear it well thanks to its adjustable buckle.  

the size of TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch 

TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch: light and fashionable design

This quartz watch adopts two pointers dial design and it has no second pointer. The pointers with fluorescent coating allows you to see the time clearly in the dark, soft light with eye protection makes you feel good. And the advanced Japan quartz movt is adopted to ensure the continuous precision timing. The dial has no LOGO. The sapphire glass cover is very simple, clear, and scratch-resistant.

the dial design of TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch 

The main body of the TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch is made of 316L stainless steel, with a thickness of 5.5mm, polished for many times, so as to achieve a smooth body line, visually creating a strong technology. It is close to the wrist when worn to ensure the comfort of wearing for a long time, Of course, the polished metal casing is not easily corroded by sweat, but it's easy to accumulate oil, which is a common failing.

the main body of  TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch

TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch: 3 styles for perfect match and 3ATM waterproof

In terms of color, there are 3 choices with natural black leather band, silver steel band and black steel band. Classic black or white dial design can be matched to all kinds of clothes. In addition, the quartz watch is designed with a adjustable buckle. Besides, the quartz watch supports 30 meters waterproof for daily use, so you can still wear it when washing hands, or in the raining days and other daily scenes.

the 3 styles of TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch 

This TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch is already available on GearBest. And it's only priced at $20.15 during the Black Friday Flash sale. 


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