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Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen quartz watch: Keep track of time in style

ByWouter Wargerink 2018-12-03 3452

The Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch is a sleek and beautiful wrist piece that allows you to keep track of time in style. Its slim and universal design fits perfectly around the wrist of both men and women alike.

In today's busy world, it is relatively easy to lose track of time. Personally, I often forget about the time when I'm at work in the office or even when spend a relaxing afternoon at home. Once I get older, time seems to pass by faster and faster. Most people nowadays simply check the time through their smartphone, however, this is not always as convenient. And let's face it, nothing is better than having a stylish watch around or wrist. As I am always forgetting about the time, I came to the conclusion that it's time for me to buy a watch. I was looking for something affordable yet stylish and of good quality. With these aspects in mind, my attention was directly drawn to the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz Watch.


Xiaomi youpin TwentySeventeen Light and Fashionable Waterproof Luminous Quartz Watch - NATURAL BLACK

Xiaomi youpin TwentySeventeen Light and Fashionable Waterproof Luminous Quartz Watch - NATURAL BLACK
$30.8 $21.30    


Premium design at an affordable price

When I first took the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen out of its box, that what struck me most was its ultra-sleek and stylish Quartz design. Nowadays, many people are showing off their advanced smartwatches with unlimited features and high-tech design. Personally, this is not what I like. I was looking for a simple and slim Quartz watch that can be worn with confidence on any occasion. That being said, the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch met all my expectations with respect to its design.

the stylish Quartz design 

I literally was struck by the beauty of this Quartz watch when I first saw it as it is remarkably slim. Added to that, it only weighs around 185g, which allows you to wear it around your wrist without barely noticing it's there. The original Quartz hour mark features a simple and no-nonsense design, which is exactly what I was looking for. The dial consists out of simple silver stripes that indicate the hours and the hour hand and minute hand itself are extremely slim. What I really love about the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch is how its designers paid attention to every little detail. The crown features a high-end diamond-texture design that perfectly fits with the minimalist design of the wrist clock itself. As a finishing touch, the Quartz watch comes with a simple yet stylish steel strap that comes with an adjustable buckle. Because this watch is available in three different designs, it can be worn perfectly by men and women alike.

the crown, dial and buckle design 

Personally, I have chosen to go for the black steel version of the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch as I believe it looks simple yet fashionable. Its thin and minimalist design form a perfect fit with any type of outfit. Whether I'm suited up for work or simply pass by in the local grocery store to do some shopping in my casual clothes, I never leave the house without the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen around my wrist.

Keep track of time at night

A fun little feature about the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch is its luminous pointers. The hour hand and minute hand are both equipped with glow-in-the-dark strips that light up whenever natural light becomes too low. It goes without saying that this original Quartz watch does not come with a back-lit LCD display, which is why the luminous pointers are a welcoming feature. No matter whether it's day or night, with this beautiful Xiaomi watch at your wrist, you'll always be able to keep track of time.

the luminous pointers 

Waterproof for daily use

One thing I dislike about traditional watches is the fact that every time you go swimming or take a shower, you have to remove it from your wrist. Call me lazy, but I simply don't want to remind myself every morning and evening to remove my watch before washing myself. Luckily, this was not an issue with the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch, at all.

This stylish wristwatch comes with a 3ATM waterproof design. Simply put, this means that it is waterproof up to 30-meters. That's right, you can safely wear this beauty in the shower or even when you're taking a swim. Also, you won't have to worry about wearing it outside on one of those rainy days. No matter how wet or humid your environment gets, the hourglass of this high-end glass never fogs up.

3ATM waterproof design 

Advanced Japanese quartz movt watch

Now, let's talk about the actual performance of the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch. Sure, the watch looks great and all, but without performing properly, this stylish design won't do much good. Luckily, I can directly say that my experience with this wristwatch has been nothing but positive.

Sure, it's a traditional quartz watch, meaning all it does is to tell you the time. However, thanks to its advanced Japanese Quartz movt technology, this simple-looking wristwatch tells time much more accurate than a regular mechanical clock. It will keep on running at all times and never drag a little behind. Once you get it out of the box, simply use the crown to manually set the time, and after that, you'll always be treated to highly accurate time readings. Personally, I've worn mine for several weeks now and am extremely positive about the experience.

Advanced Japanese quartz movt 

Overall experience

When I bought the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen Quartz watch, all that I was looking for was a simple, stylish, and affordable wrist clock. I can say that, without a doubt, this Xiaomi watch has met all those expectations and more. It features a sleek and minimalist design that perfectly suits any of my outfits. The Quartz movement lets it run accurately no matter how long you use it and, thanks to its waterproof design, you truly can use it on any occasion. If you're still looking for an affordable yet premium-looking wristwatch, the Xiaomi Youpin TwentySeventeen is a perfect choice for you. With a price of merely $21.3 at GearBest, this wristwatch offer simply is too good to refuse. 


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