Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver review

ByFields Corrielus 2019-08-30 5549

If you go to the Internet to search for "electric screwdrivers", you can find hundreds of products, but there are not many that can be good-looking, easy to use, and cheap. Today we brought Xiaomi's "wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver." It may be your first choice. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause: unboxing 

Packaging, wiha zu hause electric screwdriver using the unified packaging style of Xiaomi products, the front can see the main body of the product, the upper sides can see the product and product brand information. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver

On the back, you can see the main product features: dual power mode (electric, manual), high efficiency and precision, no injury, comfortable grip. On the right is the family photo of the product, in addition to the handle, there is also a standard Type-C charging line, extension rod and 8 6.3mm batches. 

The side of the box is clearly marked with the screwdriver configuration of the eight batch models, namely SL4.5, PH1, SL6.5, PH2, PH3, H4.0, H5.0, H6.0. These 8 batches can meet most of the daily household needs. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver

Screwdrivers, extension rods, 8 commonly used batches, charging wires and sandwich warranty cards are arranged in the box. The packing box is also the storage box, can take very easily is I like very much.

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause: appearence

The biggest feature of wiha zu hause electric screwdriver should be the use of its original octagonal ergonomic design and front narrowing design, bringing a good grip. In terms of electric power, the screwdriver provides two kinds of torque, 0.4NM and 1NM, to meet different needs. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver

There are three buttons for positive and negative rotation and torque switching on the side of the handle, which are relatively simple to use. One loose press and one press can complete the installation and disassembly of the screws, which is obviously more labor-saving and more efficient than the ordinary screwdriver. 

The top of the main engine is designed with two sticks of LED light source, when the screwdriver starts, the LED light will automatically turn on, providing the necessary lighting conditions, in the narrow and poor lighting scene, the effect is very good. Interface uses 1 to 4 (6.35) hexagonal specification, the versatility is better. 

Random standard 8 batches, the use of magnetic suction design, suction is good, disassembly and assembly is also relatively easy. There is also a color ring on the batch head, choose the green batch head to use small torque, orange is to use large torque, easy to choose the appropriate power mode, will not be overqualified, and will not be unable to twist because the power is too small. 

Standard with 105mm extension rod, effectively expand the scope of use of the product.

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause: using experience

First of all, after installing the extension rod, it looks like a more traditional screwdriver, of course, in the product workmanship and appearance is still a lot higher. With an octagonal handle, the grip is quite good. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver

With a cross head, the adsorption is very strong. 

The brightness of the LED is still good after it is turned on. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver

After pressing the mode key for a long time, the index light above the button will improve the two colors of green and orange according to the current mode. The former has a torque value of 0.4NM, which is more suitable for the disassembly and disassembly of household appliances with small screws. In orange, it is 1NM. It is more suitable for the assembly and maintenance of furniture. Of course, if you need more torque in a few cases, you can also use it as a manual screwdriver. 

The precision of the product is good, and the concentricity of the rotating shaft can hardly see any shaking with the naked eye. 

Changing switches and light bulbs at home should be the most conventional operation, especially the following switch that pre-buries the hidden box in advance (pay attention to power off when opening and closing), commonly used long-size screws, if manual screwdrivers are used, It takes a lot of time to disassemble and assemble. With wiha zu hause electric screwdriver, press the key directly to complete the work quickly, obviously more efficient and labor-saving. At the same time, because of the existence of the maximum torque, exceeding the limit value will automatically stop, a better solution to the problem of screw sliding teeth caused by excessive torque. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause electric screwdriver

Change handle, hinge, lock these need to use screwdriver scene, wiha zu hause electric screwdriver can be easily handled, in terms of the owner's actual experience, The electric screwdriver produced by wiha zu hause can almost meet the needs of most application scenarios.


Some precision electric screwdrivers on the market, the appearance is good, the actual use can only remove mobile phones, electronic products on very small screws, torque is also relatively small, the application scene is even more single, not in line with the actual needs of the owner. On the other hand, the electric screwdriver produced by wiha zu Hause is more extensive and professional in the design and application of sound scene, and the overall satisfaction is still quite high.

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause: advantages

1. Octagonal handle design, good grip, looks more like a productivity tool. 

2. Provide two power modes, electric power and manual power, to meet the needs of efficient and labor-saving use. 

3. One large and one small two kinds of torque, meet different scenes, can better protect screws and objects, as well as color ring marking, easy to choose. 

4. Bring your own lighting and extension rod, narrow and poor light can also be easily used. 

Xiaomi Youpin wiha zu Hause: disadvantages: 

I do not know if it is a case, I feel that the button is relatively heavy, I hope to be able to replace it with a button with less contact pressure.

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