Xprint wireless AR photo printer: a magic printer in your pocket

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Smartphones, tablets, fitness bracelets — our technology is getting more and more mobile by the day. It’s high time our printers caught up — and the Xprinter wireless photo printer is here to fill in the gap. Fitting into the palm of your hand, the printer is capable of giving you studio-quality photos printed directly from your smartphone. Interested? Let’s learn more!


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Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer: video display

Before the detailed review, let's show you a live video display of Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer.  



Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer: design

The Xprint measures just 5.24 x 3.15 x 1.06 inches, which makes it one of the most portable photo printers out there — it should be the perfect fit for an average-sized pocket. In fact, the printer is not much larger than a phablet.

the design of Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer

The printer sports a smooth white-colored body with a power button on the side and a logo on the front. The device weighs a bit over 260 grams — you can, thus, take it almost anywhere without overburdening yourself with gadgetry.


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Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer: features and performance

One of the features that jumps off the page in Xiaomi's portable photo printer is its AR function. Augmented reality is technology that allows the elements from the "real" and "digital" worlds to interact.

Here's how it works in the case of Xiaomi's Xprinter:

The printer comes with the associated app. If you use this app to take a photo, together with recording an image, it also records a mini-video of the moment. Once you have printed the photo on the Xprint printer, you can view it through your phone's camera and watch it "come to live". The process does not take long — the video is recorded at 120 frames per second and takes less than half a second.

the AR function on Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer

Print speed

It will take about 60 seconds for the XPrint photo printer to print a photo, so you may need to wait for a minute for the photo printing. And the carton can hold 10 pieces of printing papers at a time.     


The Xprinter lets you have your ready photos in very decent quality — the max. Printing resolution is set at 291 x 294dpi and there are 16 million colors at your disposal. Your printed photo will come out to be 54*86 mm in size. What's more, adopted fully automatic coating technology, the transparent film on surface can prevent the damage from water, light, air, ultraviolet ray, fingerprints and scratch. Together with Japan imported DNP photographic paper, your photos can last up to ten years without color fading.

the full automatic coating technology on Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer


One of the best things about most Xiaomi gadgets is their user friendliness and ease of use. And the Xprinter is no exception. When you are ready to have your photo printed, you can easily connect the printer to your phone via Bluetooth. Xprinter also supports NFC connection, which makes things even quicker. The printer runs on the familiar Android 5.0.

the connectivity of Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer


The Xprinter sports a 650mAh battery, which is more than enough for convenient daily use without frequent recharging.

As you can see, the mini gadget comes packed with functionality. You get all you need to ensure the successful journey of your digital photos into reality — and even more — thanks to the implementation of AR.

Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer: specs

Now, let's list some main specs of XPrint photo printer for your convenient check.


Product name
XPRINT wireless Bluetooth AR photo printer from Xiaomi Youpin
Printing technology
Heat sublimation printing
Print resolution
Max. 291 x 294dpi
Print color levels
C/M/Y 256 grade for each color
Print speed
About 60s/page
Print size
Max.54 X 86mm
Paper box capacity
10 pieces od papers
Compatible system
Android Ver 5.0 or above; iOS Ver 9.0 or above
NFC, Bluetooth
Carton capacity
Product size
13.30 x 8.00 x 2.70 cm / 5.24 x 3.15 x 1.06 inches
Product weight
0.2680 kg

Xprint portable wireless AR photo printer: do you need one?

The Xprint photo printer is no cheap toy. Coming at $129.99, it's in the same price range as some of Xiaomi's bestselling phones. So, do you need one?

Let's go over the features one more time:

● Compact design

● AR technology

● Easy connectivity (Bluetooth, NFC, etc.)

● Quick response time

● Quality photo output (291 x 294dpi)

●​ Rechargeable battery

So, where could you potentially use the handy photo printer?

First of all, it's definitely fun and convenient to have the option of printing your mobile photos instantly and on-the-go. The printer also offers a time and money saving alternative to photo studios for when you need to get a new passport, visa or other photos for documents. Students will find the photo printer especially useful when working on creative projects and presentations. DIYers, artists, and makers will also appreciate having the mini printer in their tool box.

All in all, the Xprinter's convenient functionality will be well worth the money for many. Plus, the ability to have a printer in your pocket instead of at the office can be something we will all eventually get used to.


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