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ZBOLE Foldable Book Lamp review: creative design made practical

BySophia Windsor 2017-11-10 4606

When I saw this book lamp for the first time, I was deeply impressed by the originality of the design and diverse functionality. As a reader, I do appreciate everything that comes with a spark of imagination and I can’t wait to share my find with you!

book lamp

Unboxing the ZBOLE Foldable Book Lamp

The book lamp is packed in a carton box measuring 17.50 x15.00x3.50 cm. As I open the box, I see a maple wooden book, a USB cable, and an English and Chinese user manual. That's it for the packaging.

book lamp unboxing

ZBOLE Foldable Book Lamp first impressions - artistic simplicity

When I take out of the box, it feels like an ordinary notebook with a hard wooden cover. It's smaller than I thought: just 16.80x12.00x3.00 cm.

it's just like an ordinary book

Now, it's time for the surprises. As I lift the cover of the gadget, it feels just like a real book — but not an ordinary one. The gadget emits soft glowing light — bright enough to accompany your late night reading and subtle enough to be the perfect night light. After playing around with the gadget for a while, I was still unable to find any major flaws. Except, maybe, I wish it was a bit larger.

the soft glowing light of book lamp

ZBOLE Foldable Book Lamp design - innovative and compact

Is the light as vulnerable to damage as a paper book? This was the first question on my mind. So, I've decided to put it to the harshest test: I tried tearing the paper of the lamp. But this proved to be quite a formidable task. The lamp is made of Dupont Tyvek high-density and tear-resistant paper.

The next great thing was the light itself: it was soft, unobtrusive and, as the packaging says,  safe for the eyes.

As we all know, electronical components can get hot after non-stop use — think light bulbs, smartphones, laptops, etc. To my surprise, however, the lamp stayed absolutely athermic even after two hours of continuous use. So, the light is absolutely safe to touch  and is an especially great choice for kids.

the lamp is safe to touch

In addition, the magnetic wooden cover makes it very easy to open and close. When you open the book, the light is on. Close the book, and the light goes off. Unlike other lights, this book lamp has no buttons, switches or wires. It's simply a small notebook weighing just 0.3kg, very portable and compact. You can take it anywhere anytime.

book lamp gif

All that beautiful light comes from the 1700mAh built-in lithium-ion battery concealed in the spine of the book. Thanks to the low power consumption, you can use it for up to 8 hours. The book lamp's battery is conveniently rechargeable and can be easily powered by a power bank, computer, phone, etc. via a USB cable.

charging for the book lamp

ZBOLE Foldable Book Lamp functionality - multiple uses

Despite its playful appearance, the book lamp is very practical. Thanks to the adjustable design, it can be used in a variety of situations and forms: you can lay it down flat on the table, stand it on one side, open up and more — adjusting not only the lamp's look but also light intensity.

360 degree opening of book lamp

With its unique shape and adjustable design, the lamp has a variety of usages and applications: a table lamp, a floor lamp, a ceiling pendent lamp or a wall sconce and more. A thing of note here is that you must attach the lamp to a metal surface if you want to hang it.  

a variety of usages of book lamp

With the lamp's universal design, you won't be in any way limited when it comes to choosing the right spot for the "book". For example, you can use it for a candlelight dinner to create a pleasant and romantic atmosphere. Or, you can put it in your bedroom and use the lamp as a night light. What's more, the lamp would make a truly unique gift for almost any occasion.

the book lamp can be used in any occasion

the book lamp on the dinner table

Pros and cons

Pros   Cons

Artistic appearance

Innovative design

Portable and convenient

Soft light isn't harmful to your eyes

Safe to use

Multiple applications

Durable and tear-resistant

Good gift for friends and loved ones


× The lamp must be attached to a metal surface if you want to to hang it on the ceiling or wall.

× The soft light may be too dim for long hours of reading or is not very suitable for reading or doing some fine works.

× Although it's waterproof, there are still openings in the lamp. So you should be careful not to let the water get inside it.


It's a wonderful book lamp with artistic and innovative appearance. Convenient USB charging and portable design make the lamp exceptionally practical and suitable for a variety of situations from decorating your home to preparing an original gift for friends and family. Available now on GearBest for only $24.99(34% off), the ZBOLE Foldable Book Lamp is one of my great finds that I am happy to recommend.


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