Zeblaze THOR 5 review: best Android smartwatch with camera

ByDaniel Camilo 2019-05-24 7387

Zeblaze THOR 5 has arrived, which in the face of the increasingly spreading trend has now spread two systems to the clock: Android and low-power conventional clock. It's possible to switch between the two modes, so it's a problem with the not too long battery life for Android-based clock phones. This includes two processors, one of which is low power. And there's also a front-facing camera for video calls (or photography). Despite this, it is not roughly expensive, currently 39 200 HUF.


Briefly about the benefits of Zeblaze THOR 5

▪ Full-featured Android can be used, but a low power system can

▪ Applications can be installed

▪ Lots of Watch funds

▪ Essentially a phone, so it can be used for calls

▪ Bluetooth, so you can use headset, headset

▪ Music playback is of course possible

▪ High-resolution AMOLED display

External appearance

It is a fundamentally mundane design that has a silicone strap, and the watch case is made using metal (zinc alloys). There are two physical buttons on the left side and the camera on the right. Its weight is 67g.

Package Contents

▪ The clock

▪ Screwdriver (to open the SIM card holder)

▪ Charger Cable

▪ User manual


Hardware is the really interesting part, because it can be used in two modes, not one, but two processors:

1.Android -based smart -ass and phone, which means the real Android is running on it, applications can be installed, etc. Of course, it can be used for calls, 4G and Wi -Fi. Everything is available.

2.Smart Salt Mode, where normal smart -ass stuff is available (step counting, pulse measurement, GPS, sports modes, etc.)

Android-based clock and phone

The two modes are more exciting, as Zeblaze THOR 5 hides a complete mobile phone and a SIM card, you can use a 4G network, there is wifi and a camera, and it's powered by Android (7).

If you're on Android, then obviously the hardware should be able to be serviced, which in this case means that a cheap smartphone would be OK with the hardware you received:

▪ Quad Core processor (SoC), which is MTK6739 (up to 1.25 GHz). This is essentially a chip for mobile devices such as a phone.

▪ 2GB Memory (RAM)

▪ 16GB Storage (ROM)

Traditional Ocosh

In this mode, the usual clock-hour things are available: Step counting, heart rate, GPS, notification of incoming messages, call, sport modes, etc. Four days of uptime are available.


Because Android is running on it, you know everything a smartphone can do, so you can call it, play music (also with a Bluetooth headset) and, of course, install it by installing applications, but by default you can:

Fitness, sports and health features: Heart rate, step counting, distance travelled, calories burned, GPS, sport modes

Notification functions: Incoming call indication, app notifications and SMS notification, incoming message display

Health Features: Motion Booster

Other: Alarm clock, time, date display, event notifications, music playback, video playback, camera

Use as Phone

It is a 4G capable phone that can be used with a nano SIM. So you can make calls directly from the clock and of course you have 4G mobile Internet, so you have Skype, Viber, etc.

Of course, it has built-in Bluetooth, so you can use a headset, wireless headset.


It seems that the initial not -so -good cameras are being replaced nicely, even if they're not outstanding, but they're getting better and better cameras in smart -ass cancer. In this case, this means an 8MP camera on the right, located on the "front page", which can be used for video calls, alongside photography and video recording.


It has its own built-in GPS (GPS\/GLONARSE\/Beidou), so you can measure distance and navigate yourself.

Music playback

You'll obviously have your own speaker, so you can play music on your own or with a headset


The display is very good, it's perfect, it's 1.39's, it's very big, it's 454 *454 pixel resolution and, of course, it's touch screen. So it's pretty big and, of course, round, and it's not just a round clock with a rectangular display. Oh, and AMOLED, of course.

The clock base can be changed.


An entire high capacity battery was received at the scale of the clock: 545 mAh. According to the manufacturer, this is expected to nourish the clock in phone mode (i.e. when it is active on Android) for 1 day and in traditional clock mode. For 4 days. In this way, in Android mode, the battery life is not so bad, compared to the previous 1-1.5 days, combined the two modes can be extended further.


Since this is a phone, it is imperative to talk about the possibilities of networking, among which the B20 is there:








TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41

Wifi: 2.4G / 5G, 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11d/h/k

Bluetooth: 4


Powered by Android 7.1.1, there is Google Play, applications can be installed. You can also switch to traditional clock mode on request.


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