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Zeblaze VIBE 3 review: a classic waterproof sports watch for under $40

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The Zeblaze VIBE 3 is not your ordinary smartwatch. With it, you won’t have a whole array of super smart functionality — but you will have is a strong set of the most essential fitness features paired with an immense battery life. Intrigued?

Zeblaze VIBE 3: specs

Let's kick off with the table of the key specs of Zeblaze VIBE 3 to give you a general idea of the watch's capabilities.


Product name
Zeblaze VIBE 3 sports smart watch
Screen size
1.22 inch
Product size (L x W x H)
27.00 x 5.00 x 1.48 cm / 10.63 x 1.97 x 0.58 inches
Product weight
0.0750 kg
Dial size
5.00 x 5.00 x 1.48cm
Compatible OS
Android / iOS8.0 or above
Built-in chip type
Nordic 52832
Standby time
5-10 days
Charging time
About 1.5 hours
Battery capacity
IP rating
Bluetooth version
Bluetooth 4.0
Other features
Heart rate monitor,display health parameters,sync sports data,calories consumption,sleep monitor,remote camera


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Zeblaze VIBE 3: simple, rugged, efficient

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 comes with a pretty standard design that you've probably seen countless times on other sports watches. The one thing to note is that is quite a bit thicker than a normal sports watch: the Zeblaze VIBE 3 measures 10.63 x 1.97 x 0.58 inches and weighs a bit above 7 grams. It is available in three classic colors: black, blue and red.

three classic colors of Zeblaze VIBE 3   

The watch case is made of premium stainless steel and you have the sturdy and reliable Corning Gorilla Glass protecting the display. The watch features a rather large screen — 1.24-inches. There are quite a few benefits to the big display and the one on the Zeblaze VIBE 3 works in the ALWAYS ON mode. This means that there are no "extras" to go through to activate the device. Plus, there is small button to turn on the backlight when you are in less than ideal lighting conditions.

Even though the Zeblaze VIBE 3 is a pretty "old style" watch on the surface, it uses a very nice interface. Instead of complicated graphs or batches of long text, you get your fitness data presented in the form of clear 3D icons. You can also switch between watch faces choosing your preferred way to have the data displayed.

clear 3D icons of Zeblaze VIBE 3  

Zeblaze VIBE 3: every sports feature you need

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 may not come with a whole lot of features — but it does pack in all the fitness tracking essentials and makes sure you get all the sports data you need.

First, the watch comes with the highly-accurate built-in heart rate monitor letting you keep an eye on your heart beat during workouts and evaluate your recovery during rest periods.

heart rate monitor of Zeblaze VIBE 3 

For runners, the Zeblaze VIBE 3 comes with a 3D accelerometer — a very useful feature for tracking your running progress by getting real time feedback about speed and distance. You will be able to get this information not only if you are training outdoors but also when running on a treadmill.

3D accelerometer of Zeblaze VIBE 3 

The watch will also tell you the number of steps you've walked encouraging you to be more active as well as the number of calories burnt for an even greater motivation.

Sleep monitor is another must-have that the watch does not skip out on. You will be able to analyse your sleep patterns and adjust your habits to have an even better rest at night.

sleep monitor of Zeblaze VIBE 3 

As with most smartwatches, more features are revealed when paired with your smartphone like the all-day activity record letting you get real time evaluation on your physical activity throughout the day. Plus, you will get notifications about incoming calls, messages and calendar events. Thus, you will be able to stay up-to-date with your assignments and meetings even as you head out for your morning jog.

notifications about incoming calls, messages and calendar events of Zeblaze VIBE 3 

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones — so, you should not experience any compatibility issues.

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 is a rugged smartwatch. And this means that it's well protected against the elements sporting the IP67 waterproof and dust resistance rating. You can wear it on even the toughest sweaty workouts, while jogging in the rain, going on a muddy hike or river crossing or even when swimming.

the IP67 waterproof of Zeblaze VIBE 3  

The battery is 180mAh and good for 168 days on standby.

Zeblaze VIBE 3: the verdict

The Zeblaze VIBE 3 does not come with too many bells and whistles. But in today's smart word where we are blasted with information from every angle, it's actually quite refreshing. The Zeblaze VIBE 3 takes you back to the simpler times where a sports watch was meant to do one thing: make you a better athlete. And the VIBE 3 does so through a pack of simple yet essential fitness trackers, a very user-friendly display and rugged exterior.


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