360 House Route V5M Using Experience

ByCinda Chipman 2019-12-28 1299

What are the three elements of modern people's survival? A mobile phone that can surf the Internet, a battery that can last a long time and a network that is fast enough. If I give the secretary a mobile phone that has power and can surf the Internet all the time, I can lie in bed and play for a day! However, if there is no network, the mobile phone will become a "brick" that loses its soul, so I want what I want, and I want what I want. if I can't have both, I choose a place with WiFi.

 However, the reality is that even at home, WiFi can not cover the whole house very well. facing the load-bearing wall, the delicate WiFi signal can only shout, "my concubine can't do it." Fortunately, there are always more methods than difficulties. Recently, 360 launched the V5m sub-assembly Skydome series, which uses Mesh technology to form a network, "making the Internet as free as breathing."

Opened the package, there was a big question mark in his mind, because the appearance of the whole house route was so much like the rotor in a rotor engine, and the triangular column seemed a bit maverick in the existing router design. but it is also in line with the consistent design style of 360. For example, the building block style of 360 home firewall 5S V2 and the metal body of 360 secure routing P1 are different, so it is not surprising that 360 whole-house routing looks like a rotor.


360 whole-house routing V5M child assembly sky dome series has two versions, which are sub-master and double-master. Zhai Xiaomi gets the version of sub-master, which contains a mother route and a child route. The mother route and the child route are very similar in appearance, the most obvious difference is that the mother route is larger and the child route is smaller.


Sub-master route is all white. The house secret puts the mother route on the TV cabinet and the sub-route on the shelf of the master bedroom, which is in harmony with the surrounding environment. The triangle, coupled with the Colink button printed with the brand LOGO above, makes the router look more like a smart speaker. The front of the router is very simple, there is only one indicator light responsible for showing the status of the router, a total of red, orange, green three colors, according to the light color and status can know the current state of the router. Behind the


Child router are various interfaces, and there is also a slight difference between the parent route and the child route on the interface. Among them, the bus route is equipped with three RJ45 network cable interfaces, which supports the blind insertion of the WAN/LAN adaptive network port. below the network port is the power hole and the reset button, the sub-route is equipped with only one network port, and the power hole and reset button are also under the network port. At the bottom of the router.

Fuselage is the heat sink of the whole house route and the product model, management address, WiFi name of the initial state, APP download QR code and other information. The heat dissipation adopts the circumferential large heat dissipation hole design, so that when the equipment is running, the heat is discharged through the heat dissipation hole at the bottom, which is also a common way of heat dissipation in the column router.

It is more convenient to connect and surf the Internet more easily.

I still remember setting up a router to surf the Internet in the early years. You need to take out the drive disk attached to the router and install the driver on the computer before you can distribute the router network. After so many years of development, the router distribution network has become more and more "stupid". First of all, it is the WAN/LAN adaptive network port, no matter which network port is plugged in, it can be configured to access the Internet, and there will be no error network port.

Scan the QR code on the body or package, download the home firewall App, follow the step tips on App, you can easily configure the network. After the network is configured, the device can access the Internet by connecting to the newly set WiFi. After the configuration of the parent route is complete, you can begin to configure child routes.

First connect the sub-route to power, then turn on App to select "Colink automatic networking" and press the "Colink button" above your head, then the status light of the sub-route is orange flashing, and finally you can connect the sub-route with the mother route by adding a network. When the sub-route is used at the same time, the house secret can surf the Internet in any corner of the home.

This is because the whole house route uses Qualcomm Qualcomm DAKOTA platform quad-core CPU, main frequency to reach 717MHz. DAKOTA Qualcomm self-developed chip solution allows this product to use Qualcomm Mesh technology, supports wireless and wired multi-channel networking, and can add split routing where you want to expand the network, so that network signals are everywhere.

In addition, the 2.4GHz and 5GHz of sub-mother routing are equipped with two independent signal amplifiers, and the transmit and received signals are optimized at the same time to improve the reception efficiency and reduce the packet loss delay. And 2.4GHz and 5GHz, main route and sub-route multi-signal merge into a WiFi name, using advanced daisy chain star topology networking technology, real-time understanding of the Internet needs and status of mobile phones and other devices, and intelligently choose the ideal path of device connection. Sub-routing will dynamically build a daisy chain network according to the load of the whole house network and the cleanliness of the WiFi, to ensure the best Internet experience for devices such as mobile phones. When moving, it will automatically select and connect a better WiFi signal to achieve a smooth transition without induction.

After configuring the router, the home secretary tests the network speed at home. The home uses Unicom's 100-megabit fiber. After testing the speed, the download rate is 93.6 Mbps, and the upload speed reaches 38.6 Mbps, giving full play to the full strength of the 100-megabit fiber. Then the signal strength of the room is tested. The secretary of the house mentioned above, put the mother route next to the TV cabinet, this room is separated from the master bedroom by a bathroom plus two walls, and the previous router occasionally experienced signal instability in the position of the master bedroom windowsill. Now after the sub-route is placed on the master bedroom rack, the network signal on the balcony can also meet daily use.

The Internet of everything is mentioned by more and more people, but the root of the Internet of everything is to have a good network foundation. Qualcomm Qualcomm DAKOTA platform quad-core CPU and 256MB DDR3 memory are used in the whole house route, so that each subbus route can connect 250 devices at the same time to ensure the stable transmission of massive data. It also supports IPv6 technology to meet the Internet needs in the future.

At the same time, the router can accurately identify the connected devices with the self-developed 360360 BNI engine and nine-fold network firewall. Among them, smart home fire prevention can intercept attacks on smart home devices such as smart speakers and purifiers, and smart camera firewalls can also block attacks launched through special ports, weak passwords and network vulnerabilities. You can also detect the camera with one click, accurately identify the 1000 + model camera, intelligently prevent secret photography, and protect the privacy of family life.


In addition, the family firewall App also has a built-in security protection function for family members, which can prevent games from indulging in games in children's mode, while blocking bad websites to prevent information such as online pornography, gambling and violence from polluting minors' information. In the elderly mode, it can automatically identify and block hanging horses, fishing, malicious, gambling, fraudulent websites and content, so as to reduce the property losses caused by the elderly mistakenly touching harmful websites. With 360 whole-house routing V5M sub-mother Sky Dome series and 360 home firewall, it provides a full range of security guards for the elderly, children and smart hardware.


360 whole-house routing V5M Sky Dome series, as a high-performance and cost-effective distributed router, has excellent performance in terms of networking mode, network stability and network security. In addition to the excellent design, with 360 home firewall App use, making it very competitive. This product officially went on sale at 0: 00 on December 9, and it is believed that it will solve the network problems of many large users.

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