5G penetration will reach 50% in 2025, not only for mobile phones but also for these products.

ByRandy Willey 2020-04-08 973

[PConline Information] 2019 as the first year of 5G commercial, if 2019 is the embryonic period of 5G network, then 2020 is the growth period of 5G. Between 2020 and 2025, Chinese operators will invest US $160 billion in 5G, accounting for about 19% of the world's total, driving the development of the 5G industry chain. China Telecom is also speeding up the pace of 5G infrastructure construction to crash due to the impact of the epidemic; on the other hand, the epidemic has also accelerated the landing of 5G applications.

Thanks to the large-scale investment of Chinese operators and the growing enthusiasm of business users and consumers for 5G, China firmly occupies the leading position of 5G in the world, according to a series of industry reports released by, GSMA (Global Mobile Communication Systems Association on March 17th. Although 4G still dominates, China will account for 70% of the world's 5G connections this year.

Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom, said that he wants to recover the construction progress affected by the epidemic in the first half of this year, and jointly completed the construction of 250000 5G base stations with China Unicom at the end of September, striving to complete the target of 300000 5G base stations by the end of the year. Some industry insiders predict that China's radio and television will also build about 50,000 5G base stations this year. Mr. Yang Jie, chairman of China Mobile, pointed out at the 2020 working meeting that 2020 is the 20th anniversary of China Mobile, and the key task this year is to consolidate the leading foundation of 5G.

As of January 7, China Mobile had 3.02 million customers with 5G plans, with 3.8 million 5G mobile phones activated in the network, accounting for 69 percent of the total, according to official figures. By the end of January, China Mobile had opened 74000 5G base stations and more than 6.7 million subscribers to the 5G package. Wang Xiaochu, chairman of China Unicom, revealed that as of March 5, China Unicom had opened about 66000 base stations, including 43000 self-built stations and 23000 shared telecom stations. Together with the achievements of last year, the two sides have cooperated to build 50,000 base stations, successfully accomplishing the goal of the first phase. The target for the second phase is 250000, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of September.

5G network has the characteristics of high speed, large bandwidth and low delay, but its role is not only to improve the speed of the network, but also to transform the communication between people into the Internet of everything, which is an important cornerstone of the digital transformation of the whole society. Once the 5G network is fully commercial, the communications industry will enter a new stage, and many emerging industries will follow the trend to promote economic development.

The epidemic also promoted the landing of 5G applications. During the Spring Festival, through 5G real-time live broadcast, viewers were immediately informed of the progress of the construction of "Xiaotang Mountain" in Wuhan. This is the first time that netizens have experienced the scene of 5G technology on a large scale since 5G was commercially available. Tens of millions of people watched it online at the same time and watched hundreds of millions of people, making it the most popular live broadcast of the year. Wang Jianzhou, a consultant to GSMA, said that the fight against the epidemic could not be separated from 5G, which also prompted various fields to speed up the construction of 5G.

Meanwhile. Home Appliances. The giant Haier has also put forward three major plans for "5G +". Zhou Yunjie, president of Haier Group, was invited to participate in the event of sharing foreign exchange via online video, and shared Haier's practice in the 5G field. At the sub-forum of "5G + Intelligent Manufacturing Symposium", Tianjin Haier washing Machine connected Factory, as an advanced representative of 5G + intelligent manufacturing, demonstrated the achievements of the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry under 5G technology. In the future, Haier will realize the advanced layout of ecological brand through three major schemes: 5G + intelligent manufacturing, 5G + smart family and 5G + smart platform.

The online launch of the new products in the spring of 2020 revolves around the full scene A. I. This theme, A lot of new products have been released. Different from the past, TCL not only released the TV of experts in large screen sound and painting, the air conditioner of intelligent soft wind technology, the refrigerator of extremely fast refrigeration machine, the washing machine of classified washing and maintenance experts, and the intelligent lock of family safety technology, which are the new panoramic matrix products of these five categories, but also officially released the value proposition of "smart technology": in the future, TCL will use two-wheel drive of product + technology, intelligence of single category and interconnection of multi-category. Redefine "home and home appliances" and embrace the upcoming 5G change.

With the advent of the 5G era, smart homes are about to usher in explosive growth. No matter whether they are mobile phone manufacturers, TV manufacturers, or other manufacturers of household appliances, they all want a piece of the pie. Driven by the current wave of science and technology, people's consumption for the pursuit of a better life is constantly escalating. The evolution from smart appliances to smart families is the trend of the times.

Therefore, getting a good interactive experience between TV and users means building an important bridge between them. And in order to create a better interactive experience, TCL. In addition to creating a more intelligent and convenient wake-up mode of intelligent voice assistant, the whole scene that it advocates. AI. It's even more important. As early as. 2019. Year. 3 Month. 12 Day, TCL. It was put forward for the first time. AI × IoT. New track, and unveiled. 4T. (. T-HOME. 、. T-LIFE. 、. T-LODGE. 、. T-PARK. ) Scene product matrix. At this press conference, these scene product matrices have been further landed, paving the way for the further promotion of the smart home strategy of the whole house. With. AI. Vs. IoT. With the advent of the era, the integration of the connection of all things and various scenes is imminent. In the industry, there is a consensus: if you want to become the world's leading intelligent technology company, manufacturers that only produce a single category and those who cannot provide connection convergence services for users will eventually be out of business.

In the future, no matter how the form and technology of television evolves, its basic properties as the carrier of sound and painting will not be easily shaken. On this basis, the innovation and change of large screen interactive experience may become a key factor in the process of market breakthrough. But most importantly, the situation of smart TV playing alone will gradually become less and less, and will be replaced by a shared ecology in which the devices in the smart home scene are concatenated together. However, it is certain that no matter how the times change, the status of television as the center of smart families will not change.

In the case of the overall decline of the television industry, it can be predicted that a new round of industry reshuffle is coming, and the original market pattern is likely to undergo earth-shaking changes. And choose. AIoT. Players of the panoramic strategy will gain a greater advantage in this storm.

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