China Unicom completes the global debut of "5G application" to help China's real economy take off

ByVincents Garballey 2019-12-28 1717

[Gearbest News] recently, China Unicom officially released the world's first all-5G industrial Internet end-to-end application in the "5G pilot demonstration Zone" in Xinchang, Zhejiang Province. It is reported that the application is based on an industrial Internet gateway based on Huawei 5G module jointly developed by China Unicom, Huawei Dingqiao and Xiamen Sixin. In a sense, this marks the improvement of 5G technology once again.

The world's first all-5G industrial Internet end-to-end application conference

It is understood that this is the world's first 5G gateway in an actual production scenario, which can be used in complex factory environments and collect data in a directly connected way. through real-time mass data transmission, it makes it easy for managers to grasp the status of production operations. To be sure, this will enable more efficient data exchange between the machine and the platform.

In addition, the release of the application can not only improve the efficiency of data extraction and wide bandwidth transmission, but also achieve intelligent control through the 5G cloud network, so as to optimize the operation mode and transform the production organization.

5G Industrial Internet Gateway

In the first year of 5G business, China Unicom has been working hard to promote the integration of 5G industry and industrial Internet. Perhaps this will open a new chapter in the exploration of 5G technology and boost China's real economy in the form of 5G + industrial Internet.

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