Come and unlock the hidden properties of iOS 13 to make this Spring Festival holiday something new

ByKrishna Christofides 2020-01-08 530

In a twinkling of an eye, the Spring Festival is approaching, everyone is looking forward to spending the holiday with their families, and the feeling of homesickness in their hearts is becoming more and more intense.

During the Spring Festival, taking pictures as a souvenir is obviously something that every family must do, and these wonderful moments will also become the most precious wealth of our lives in the future. More importantly, we can share these photos with our families to increase our happiness. Of course, many people choose to visit relatives and friends or go out to play during the Spring Festival to enjoy another way of life.


Whether it is shooting wonderful moments or going out to play, it is inseparable from the help of mobile phones. If you have a iPhone, with iOS 13, you may have more happiness in the new year.

Use "Photo App" to create unlimited possibilities.

It is said that "once you enter the photography circle, it is as deep as the sea", because the prices of all kinds of cameras are so expensive that not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, with the vigorous development of the smartphone industry, mobile photography is becoming more and more powerful, many people can go out to shoot beautiful works using mobile phones, and more and more users are used to using mobile phones to record warm moments.

Use a mobile phone to record warm moments.

In retrospect, are there a large number of photos saved in our mobile phones? Whenever we look at these photos in our spare time, we will always recall them. In order to make the operation of "browsing photos" more elegant, the iOS 13 system has created a new browsing interface for us. It changes the past, classifies the photos according to the day, month and year, and selects our wonderful moments.

The most interesting thing is that we can browse the wonderful moments of each month by long pressing and swiping in the annual photos, and then click again to browse the pictures of the corresponding months.

Browse the wonderful moments of each month by long pressing and sliding.

With its simple and easy-to-use features, iPhone has become the first choice for many users to take photos and record their lives. Turn on the camera, press the shutter, and a picture comes out. But in this era of beauty cameras flying everywhere and color adjustment filters everywhere, the photos presented by pressing the shutter always give people a sense of "insipid". After taking such photos, we always think about a question: "how to make the photos more beautiful?"

App, the major third-party filters in the iOS ecosystem, can accomplish this task, but the iOS 13 system provides us with a more concise and easy-to-use solution, which is the photo editing function of native photo App.

Photo editing function.

In iOS 13, Apple redesigned the photo editing function. Previously, we have been able to adjust the filter and change the angle of the photo in the photo App. The new tools in iOS 13 allow us to make more detailed changes to our photos. Options such as highlights, shadows, contrast, and saturation can be adjusted directly in the photo App. This greatly increases the adjustable space of the photo, and you can adjust a satisfactory work even without downloading a third-party App,.

During the New year, we will take a lot of photos, and if we need more photos to adjust the filter, it is obviously not the ultimate. Don't worry, iOS 13 has thought of this. Before taking a photo, we can turn on "Intelligent Control" in the camera settings, when the photo App will remember all our settings, and when we turn on the camera again, the system will automatically use the filter and light effect that we have used before, saving the step of adjusting the filter. After shooting, we can also directly click the "automatic" mode in photo editing, and the system will automatically adjust the most appropriate color for us according to the scene at that time, which also saves us the operation of frequently adjusting photos.

Turn on "Intelligent Control" in the setting.

With the 5G era approaching, video has gradually become a more mainstream way of socializing, and shooting a beautiful family video during the Spring Festival has also become a new trend.

This is also a new test for smartphones, and iPhone has clearly done a good job. Especially the latest iPhone 11 Pro series, through the new triple camera imaging system, coupled with strong anti-shake ability, lay a good foundation for video recording. As long as we show our own creativity, we can keep the wonderful moments of the New year.

IPhone 11 Pro Max.

Thanks to the iOS 13 system, it is also easy to adjust video within the system. Whether it is adding a filter to the video or cutting the video into different sizes, the iOS 13 system can help us do it very well.

I once heard such a sentence at a sharing meeting: "Photography treasures the traces of our existence, even if it is only an ordinary life." I think with iPhone and iOS 13, the wonderful memories we recorded during the Spring Festival will also exist in a more elegant way.

Map App plans your trip reasonably.

With the arrival of the Spring Festival, how can there be less visits to relatives and friends? I believe that all of you have already made your travel plans for the Spring Festival, and with the help of the new map App in iOS 13, our travel will become smoother.

It is said that the Spring Festival is the best time to be reunited with my family, but every Spring Festival I go to several fixed places to "clock in" to celebrate the Spring Festival with my friends. Now, iOS 13 has added a "common location" feature to the map, so I can set these locations as common locations. I can just click to know the specific road conditions and how long it will take me to get to my destination.

"Commonly used locations"

When you go out, you can't go out without navigation. IOS 13 has made a major upgrade to the map so that when the vehicle turns or enters the viaduct entrance, the map App will guide us into the right lane and avoid going the wrong way. Of course, we can also look for nearby gas stations, convenience stores, public bathrooms, etc., in real time in the map, and the map App will estimate the time of arrival for us as soon as possible, so that we can miss any event.

Of course, there will be some friends who will choose to travel during the Spring Festival to feel the beauty of another city. So, the "collection" function in Map App is simply tailor-made for you.

The "Collection" function in Map App.

Before going out to play, many people will elaborate a plan, which details the destination we are going to go to. The "Collection" function in the map App can help us record these must-sign-in locations one by one, click on the corresponding scenic spot, and then choose different means of transportation to reach our final destination.

Most importantly, we can also share our favorite travel lists with our friends. Directly through AirDrop and other ways, you can share the list with others, so that your friends can enrich their travel plans with you.

During the Spring Festival holiday, many friends have decided to travel abroad, so the map App must be your best helper overseas. At present, overseas maps can take you to explore more than 200 foreign countries, allowing you to directly experience all the map functions used by local people. At present, Map App has supported more than 80 major subway systems around the world, including Tokyo, New York, London, Berlin, Singapore and so on. Functions such as estimated time of arrival and search along the way have also been launched overseas. When traveling abroad, these functions will greatly enhance our play experience.

Real scene map.

If your destination is the United States, you can also enjoy the service of real-world map. At present, Apple Maps has launched the 360 panoramic map function in the United States. We can experience the beauty of the city from a three-dimensional perspective. Want to know what restaurants and shopping malls are not to be missed around a destination? You can see it at a glance by using iPhone directly.

Feel the warmth of the holiday with family and friends.

Of course, more friends will still spend the Spring Festival with their families and feel the warmth of the festival. During the Spring Festival holiday, different members of the family will shoot a large number of wonderful moments. How to share these moments is obviously an urgent problem to be solved.

Apple believes that the things you love should be shared with your loved ones, so the "family sharing" function arises at the historic moment. Family members can not only share App Store purchase programs, Apple Music family membership programs and iCloud storage space, but also share photo albums through family members to save the wonderful moments of the family one by one.

"Family sharing"

If we want to share the good times recorded during the spring with our friends, we can also do so by sharing photo albums. IOS's shared photo album supports up to 100 friends to join. We can put our satisfied works into the shared photo album to share with others, and we can also download the wonderful moments shared by others directly from the album. It's so easy to share beauty with others.

"Screen usage time"

Spring Festival is the best time for people to visit relatives and friends, and it is also the happiest time for children. However, it is obviously not advisable to indulge in the Internet during the Spring Festival. IOS 13's "screen time" is the best helper for parents. This feature gives parents a clear idea of how much time their children spend on various App, web pages and devices. It also allows parents to set the amount of time their children are allowed to spend on specific App and websites each day through the "application limit".

Share beauty with music.

During the Spring Festival holiday, some people want to enjoy the good time that belongs to themselves. So why not wear a AirPods, and enjoy the beauty of the Apple ecosystem? Thanks to the perfect fit with the iOS system, we can pair the AirPods with the iPhone simply by opening the lid of the box. And after pairing, AirPods can also be paired with all Apple devices under the same account with the help of iCloud. Perhaps only Apple can easily achieve this seamless experience.

2019 should be the "big year" of the AirPods series. At the beginning of the year, we saw the second-generation AirPods, that supports wireless charging and in October this year, we saw the emergence of good devices such as the AirPods Pro, which supports noise reduction, bringing new ways for many Apple users to enjoy music.

AirPods Pro.

In the AirPods series of products, I think AirPods Pro is likely to become the new favorite of users. This headset supports active noise reduction and turns on transparent mode when necessary to fully enjoy the wireless connection and immersive auditory experience that AirPods Pro brings to us.

The perfect experience of iOS 13+AirPods Pro.

It is said that Apple devices work best only on Apple systems, and this is also reflected in AirPods Pro. In the iOS system, we can test the fit of earplugs on AirPods Pro to help us choose the most suitable earplugs for us. At the same time, the new audio sharing function also allows two pairs of AirPods to share a wonderful piece of music.

AirPods provides emoji engraving service.

By the way, Apple has also recently provided emoji engraving service for AirPods. If you order AirPods products on Apple's website, you can enjoy free engraving services. Now we can not only engrave the words of blessing on AirPods, but also engrave some emoticons. Especially when the New year is approaching, engraving a zodiac pattern for AirPods and giving it to your relatives and friends will enhance your friendship and can be regarded as the best New year gift.

Write at the end.

As the Spring Festival is approaching, I believe you have already made corresponding plans to welcome the new year. If we have these Apple devices in our hands, why not take the time to unlock the hidden properties of iOS 13? I think with the help of these new features, our daily use experience will become more efficient, and the Spring Festival plan will proceed more smoothly.

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